I Made A Dress Out Of A Bedskirt

Monday, June 1, 2020

Dress: Me Made (watch the tutorial Here)  |  Heels: Boohoo   |  Purse: Thrifted  |  Clips: Wallmart

I'm FINALLY BACK ON YOUTUBE!!! While I have been uploading and sharing my travel Vlogs to Youtube over the last two years, I haven't created any other content. I have been wanting to be more present on YouTube forever, but it took a worldwide pandemic and HOUR locked away in my studio to give me a new idea! 
Since I have been spending most of my time in Quarantine sewing in my garage (yes, my studio is in my garage) I decided it was time to start filming videos of my sewing projects, everything from behind the scenes, tutorials, fashion education, etc. 
My first Sewing Tutorial video is LIVE and I am sharing a fun Recycle & Redesign project, turning a bedskirt into a ruffly dress (the dress in this post)!
My style aesthetic lately has been largely inspired by all things ladylike, ruffly, and romantic and this DIY dress is all of that and more. 
If you want to see how I turned a thrifted Bedskirt into a Floral Spring dress, you can watch my video on Youtube or below!

Have you ever made a dress out of a bedskirt?

Would you want to see more sewing videos?

- Madison


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