Scotland & Paris Travel Style Inspiration

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

If you don't follow me on social media you might not know that this December (in exactly 7 days) I will be headed to the UK! I have a friend who is studying abroad in Glasgow Scotland and thought this was the perfect excuse to fulfill my dream of traveling to Scotland as well as taking a quick trip to Paris while there also. 
This will be my first time out of the country and only my second trip by plane (see my New York Flight post HERE) you can imagine how equally excited and nervous I am :) 
If you have been around for awhile you might also know that I LOVE to dress for the occasion or might seem "extra" but as a blogger I always think in advance and plan my outfits around where I am going or the location I am visiting, so you can imagine how in depth I have thought about what I will pack for my trip to Scotland and Paris! 
I thought I would share some of my style inspiration for the trip so that you can see my planning process and get inspired yourself....
Scotland is near and dear to my heart, not simply because it is a beautiful country filled with such mystical wonder, history, and breathtaking sights, but also because it is part of my heritage. I am part Scottish, so that in itself makes me EXTRA excited to visit the country my ancestors were from. 
I have always had a vision of Scottish fashion, while plaids are an understood staple of the country, I have always envisioned dark/neutral tones mixed with a bit of menswear, wool, boots, and scarves. 
My style inspiration for this trip is definitely anything that remotely reminds me of the country, highlands or Scottish university students.....and if we focus on how extra I tend to be I also went RED in November so I don't just dress like a Scot, I now look like one too:) 
While I haven't completely narrowed down what pieces from my wardrobe will be coming with me, I do know I will be bringing a couple of wool skirts, a couple of plaid prints, plenty of sweaters in dark neutral or burgundy colors, a beanie hat, beret, boots, and patterned socks.....needless to say the inspo above definitely captures what I am going for style wise! 
Ah Paris.....probably one of the most "Chic" countries in the world in regards to style. Anyone who travels to Paris is usually aware of their style and anyone familiar with the city knows that style and fashion are a huge part of it.....not to mention there are definitely signature pieces and accessories that we all know and love. 
Paris fashion can be described as chic, effortless, classic, polished, and at times uniquely simple. It is full of light neutral colors, stripes, sparse plaids or trendy prints, feminine details, classic pants/skirts, ankle boots, trench coats, and beret hats (or really any type of hat). 
My Paris fashion definitely differs from my Scotland style, but still incorporates key pieces. My Paris style focuses more on black, tan, and red with an overall simple and put together look. Berets are definitely a signature style for Paris and rest assured that I am taking plenty of them. We will only be in Paris for 2 days (New Years eve being one of them) so I don't have to pack a ton for this short trip, but considering it is Paris I am definitely planning around the style of the city. 
The above inspiration definitely captures the looks I am going for! 

Stay tuned for more travel posts and details on my trip! 

Have you ever been to Scotland of Paris?



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