Up In The Lighthouse

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Top: Thrifted (vintage) | Skirt: Thrifted (vintage) | Shoes: Modcloth (Saltwater sandals) 
Sunglasses: Five Below | Bag: Thrifted | Belt: Vintage 

I have this thing about visiting historic places, museums, and unique sights/stops when traveling! It probably started when I was younger and we would stop at places on our trips that we had been learning about in our history classes at home:) However, that tradition has carried over into my adult life and I love all the places I have visited over the years so full of history, stories, and double as perfect picture spots (obviously).
When we were in Alabama recently we took a trip to Pensacola to visit the Naval aviation museum (such a cool place) and on the way out I asked if we could stop at this old lighthouse which is also a museum. I really wanted to take pictures there, but you couldn't go in unless you paid to go up in the lighthouse so my brother decided to go in with me to take pictures and climb the 177 stairs to the top of the lighthouse. The view was AMAZING and climbing the many steps and seeing the view gave me all kinds of "prince edward island" and "Road to Avonlea" vibes:)
Funny thing....I wasn't allowed to take my bag in with me (safety reasons or something of that sort) so I had my sister hand it to me over the fence so that I could have it as a prop for some of the pictures (sometimes you break the rules to get the shot...lol).
As for this outfit, I found this skirt at Goodwill a few weeks ago and it reminded me sooooo much of this look that Julia wore on Gal Meets Glam and I just HAD to get it because I knew that I could style it in a way inspired by her:) I think it's so funny that a lot of my favorite pieces this spring/summer have been orange/salmon (I am still working on sharing all of them) because I honestly don't like the color orange at all, but apparently when it comes to clothes I am drawn to it for some reason and love wearing it (like this post from last summer) :)

- Madison


  1. This looks like so much fun! I love all things coastal. Your outfit is just right for historical exploration with its retro summer feel! :)

    1. Me too with the whole "coastal" thing! Thank you:)

  2. Yes, sometimes you just have to break those dumb rules for the shot! I mean, you can see through the bag! What could you possibly hide in that bag?! Perhaps you looked like the kind of person to be randomly carrying a (b-o-m-b) in there? NOT! Anyway. . .

    I love your outfit! So summery and cute! :)

    ~ Megan Joy

  3. Awww, Madison, you look fantastic! You have such a nice sun-kissed glow. So pretty <3

    -Jackie | Jackieomy.com

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