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Monday, July 16, 2018

If you know me, you know I LOVE skincare! However, if you know me you also know I don't like paying full price for things or spending loads of money on something just because of it's name. I like to find more affordable options for everything from fashion to skincare (usually)!
With that, I thought I would put together a curated list of my favorite products that I use on a weekly basis that won't break the bank:) I am all about following the Korean 10 step skincare method, but I am also not about to spend a fortune on products. Thus, I have created a good routine of products that follow the 10 step Korean skincare method while still being affordable and full of healthy ingredients for your skin (these products are my staples). The even better part is that most all of these products can be found at your local Target. A few of the products like Mario Badescu are only found at Ulta, Anthropologie or Urban Outfitters, but overall if you don't have access to Target or Ulta you can find most all of them on Amazon for affordable prices.

Affordable 10 Step Korean Skincare:
  1. Oil Cleanser (aka. your makeup remover) - This step not only removes all of your makeup, but oil cleansers actually cause your skin to produce LESS oil. To use apply to your dry face, massaging it into the skin to melt away makeup (or impurities if you are makeup free), then splash water onto your face to emulsify, rubbing it in more...then rinse off or remove with a makeup remover cloth/washcloth (my preferred method). I LOVE the Trader Joe's oil cleanser, but the Burt's Bee's is basically the same formula for a good price. 
  2. Water Based Cleanser (Gel/Foaming Face Wash) - This is what gives us the "double cleanse"! This step removes any access residue or impurities. I have been using this Cerave cleanser off and on for years after it was recommended by a dermatologist. 
  3. Toner - Toners help to add moisture back to your skin as well as reset our skins pH levels. This step can be done by either applying it to your face with your hands, spritzing, or using a cotton pad. I love using the Mario Badescu Aloe/Rose spray! It's not as over the top as some toners as it aids more with moisture and refresh, but it feel amazing on skin and is super affordable. 
  4. Essence - This is known as the heart of the Korean Skincare routine and this Essence from elf is very affordable, makes your skin feel amazing, has a light scent, and gives your skin a healthy glow. Essence is basically a toner/serum hybrid made for hydration, skin repair, and cell turnover. 
  5. Serum - This step is all about targeting specific problems (acne, wrinkles, dry skin, dullness, etc.) with concentrated ingredients! Simply tap them into your skin. I love to use the "Restore" Serum by Valjean Labs because it's a cheap dupe of the Glossier Purity serum (which I do love). 
  6. Eye Cream - Eye cream is not something I ever used to consider in my routine but I am so glad it is part of my skincare now. While there are probably cheaper options out there than the eye cream from Bliss, I personally love this one because I LOVE the philosophy and mission behind Bliss and I know it will last me awhile. 
  7. Moisturizer (or sunscreen at am) - Hydration is the KEY to getting healthy, dewy, and glowing skin so moisturizers are a definite must! I started using the "ex-glow-sion" moisturizer from Bliss and am already on my second container (that's how much I love it)! It smells so light, a bit like Lavender and makes you skin feel super moisturized and calm once I put it on. I typically use this at night before I go to bed and use a sunscreen (MISSHA's Sun Milk) in the mornings. 
  8. Exfoliator - Exfoliating isn't a "have to" (especially if you have more sensitive skin) but it is a key component of polished/clean skin. It is recommended to exfoliate twice a week. I absolutely love the St. Ive's apricot scrub! I have been using it for years and love how affordable it is and how great my skin feels when I use it (some stores even have their own brand of it like Target, and sell it for even cheaper than name brand). 
  9. Mask - Okay, so clay mask's aren't actually a step in Korean Skincare but I make them an active part of my routine at least once a week. I love to use clay masks to absorb and draw out impurities and oils.....definitely my first step when I am having a bad breakout. Ever since I discovered the Freeman "Detoxifying" clay mask it has been my favorite because it is gentle and you can actually see it working....not to mention it is a great price. 
  10. Sheet Mask - Sheet Masks are probably the backbone of Korean Skincare....that's kind of the whole reason I got started on this new skincare routine to begin with. The amazing part about them is that they provide your skin with maximum treatment properties and moisture that your skin absorbs one or twice a week. When it comes to sheet masks you really can't go wrong, but Leaders masks and Tonyholy masks are some of my favorites (Tip: check your local Ross or Marshalls for sheet masks because they always have packs of them). 
  11. EXTRA: Vitamin C Serum - This is kind of an extra step, but has definitely helped brighten my skin. You can use Vitamin C serum as your serum step, along with another serum, or use after a mask once a week. 
Have you used any of these products?
What is your go to skincare products on a budget?


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