Girls Movie Night Vol. 1

Saturday, June 2, 2018

I asked, you answered, and now I am delivering! Today's post is the first in a biweekly Saturday blog series sharing my favorite movies in all genres......and trust me, there's a LOT! For today's installment I decided to go for a theme that all of us girls could use, a "Girls Movie Night" selection. However, when it comes to girls movie nights there is a LONG list that I can choose from so this is simply Volume 1 of the series:) However, in all actuality this selection encompasses a lot of my favorites (really I have a lot of favorites) because we get a little bit of everything, we have humor, friendship, summer memories, royalty, fairytale, even two about being the presidents daughter, and all with a bit of "chick flick" lets get started! 

  • Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants - If you are looking for a feel good, friend focused movie about magic jeans then this is the film for you. I love this movie because it is perfect to watch with your friends (or sisters) as it follows 4 friends throughout a crazy summer as they all go in different directions, grow up, face life, take on challenges, learn about themselves, and grow together as friends (Movie Tailer).
  • Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants 2 - We meet up with the 4 friends again in this movie as they are now working their way through college, making big decisions, working through relationships, finding out more about who they are, taking risks, trying new things, and dealing with more adult problems. This second movie is probably a bit more mature than the first, but they are all still fairly clean. (Movie Trailer)
  • The Princess Bride - This is a classic and it is "Inconceivable" if you haven't watched it! Full of adventure, humor, intrigue, sword fights, and romance this is a film your entire family would love and perfect for a girls night (Movie Trailer
  • Mirror Mirror - If you are looking for a movie with a fairy tale theme, amazing cast, fabulous costumes and a perfectly happy ending this is what you should watch! I seriously LOVE this movie, not only because I love Lily Collins, but the costumes are incredible and it follows the story line of Snow White (Movie Trailer). 
  • Chasing Liberty - One of the favorite go to movies for me and my friends is this film! Why? Well it could be because it stars Matthew Goode and Mandy Moore, or because it centers along a story line in which the presidents daughter decides to defy her dad and ends up going on an adventure with an undercover agent (who she things is a regular guy) and get where it is going:) (Movie Trailer)
  • First Daughter - Very similar to Chasing Liberty only this time Katie Holmes is the presidents daughter and she is going off to college with the hope of having a normal life as a normal college student, but that dream is short lived as being the presidents daughter makes her anything but normal. The perfect romantic comedy for a girls night (Movie Trailer).

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