Travel Necessities

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Spring Break is right around the corner for many of us and I couldn't be more excited! Spring Break for most means taking a trip or traveling somewhere. For some this might be a cruise, jet setting across the country, hoping in the car for a road trip, or loading up the car for a few days in the great outdoors camping. 
Every year at Spring Break my family takes a trip. Often time it is visiting family or going on a camping trip, this year it is a mix of both. My family has always been big into travel and taking road trips. However, while I love travel it often times takes a toll on my body. Traveling by plane causes me stress and anxiety and traveling my car means I get nauseous and somewhat sick (#notfun). However, over the years and hours spent in the car or on a plane (my trip to New York in January) I have come to rely heavily on a number of travel essentials both as a person and as a blogger. 
Obviously there are so many more "travel necessities" that one might require when taking a trip, but today I am sharing the necessities I always have in my bag or need for a trip by land or air. 

  1. Camera Card Adapter: This thing is my new FAVORITE gadget! I got it just before going to New York and it was so helpful. This camera card --> phone adapter allows you to upload and add photos you take on your camera to your phone (I have an iPhone so that is what my adapter is for). This works great for me since my phone camera isn't always the best quality for the pictures I want to take, and I don't always have access to wifi to email myself pictures. 
  2. Earbuds: who can travel without them? Music is my go to when traveling. It distracts me from what is happening around me (both in the car and on planes). I always listen to music in the car to help me go to sleep or distract me from the cars movement. When riding on the plane to New York I had my earbuds in whole time so that the sounds of the plane were not so loud (especially on takeoff). 
  3. TSA Approved Lock: Anyone who travels by plane has to have a TSA lock for their luggage and I love this particular style. 
  4. Extra Camera Batteries: I am notorious in forgetting to charge my camera battery, so having a spare with me is super helpful. Also....when I was in New York I learned that the cold drains batteries extra fast so I always had to carry an extra with me. 
  5. Luggage Weight: This is another thing you need when traveling by plane. I know you can weigh your luggage at the airport, but knowing ahead of time how much it weighs allows you to check in early and also helps you avoid overweight luggage charges. 
  6. Mario Badescu Facial Spray: My favorite facial spray in the entire world and every other beauty person will probably tell you the same thing! When you spend hours in the car, and especially when traveling by plane it can take a toll on your skin. Thus, this facial spray is the perfect pick me up. 
  7. Sleep Mask: I can't sleep without this, so it is definitely necessary to take traveling with me. However, it can also help when you are trying to fall asleep in the car or on a plane because it blocks out the lights. 
  8. Essential Oils: My saving grace for my nerves and nauseous stomach when traveling. I use "Stress Away" on a daily basis to calm my nerves, but it is also super helpful for stress when traveling. "Peace and Calm" is great to help you take a breath and relax, so this helps me when riding on a plane. "Lavender" is always my go to for nerves/stress but also for when I feel sick in the car. Lastly, "Peppermint" is always with me in my purse on a daily basis and especially when I travel. I use it on my temples to relieves headaches and taking a whiff of it helps when you get sick. 
  9. Protein Packed Granola Bars: Snacks are always a must when traveling to keep you energizes and curb hunger when you don't get a chance to eat a real meal. I always go for snacks that are full of protein and nuts to fill me up more without so much sugar. 
  10. Altoids: Not do only do they help with bad breath, but they are the cure all for feeling nauseous, so these always go with me when I travel. 
  11. Books: Can't travel anywhere without books. When I was little I didn't get as car sick and would spend all my time in the car reading. Unfortunately now I get much more nauseous in the car and can only read for about 10 minutes. However, books always come with me for trips because camping, or days at the beach are my favorite days to spend reading. 

What are your travel necessities?



  1. WHAT! I didn't know a camera to phone adapter was a thing! Totally checking that out!

    Katie |

  2. Oh, I forgot to ask. Do you shoot in RAW? I wonder if my images would work with that. I'll have to research.

    1. I actually don’t (probably need to play with it), but I’m thinking it still would?