My New York Journal & First Travel Vlog

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Well, I have visited New York and it was AMAZING!!! This was my first big trip that I have taken by myself (without my family or parents) and it was such an adventure of figuring out things for myself and learning things by being in a new city in the dead of winter. Throughout my trip I kept a notes section open on my phone titled "New York Journal" and jotted down my thoughts or things I learned:

  • Always check into your Air bnb when you tell the host you will check in....not earliar (even if you think everything is ready) because you risk the key not being there (because you told them you would check in in the morning) and be stuck in the COLD for 30 minutes at 3:00am!!!!!
  • Phones loose power QUICKER in the cold so keep it charged and take an external power bank with you.....especially if you are using your phone for navigation. 
  • Taxi's are WAY LESS SCARY than it seems and feel totally safe (even at 12:00am) + they are always waiting outside any major building for your convenience and are about the same price as an Uber.
  • In an unknown and unplanned situation (3:00 am in the morning) or unknown neighborhood where there are no Taxis, an Uber is your BEST FRIEND because there is usually always one a few blocks away and can be there super fast. 
  • If you get cold outside (like it's 3:00am in the morning) find a warm place to take shelter (Even if it's the first entrance lobby of an apartment complex) until you work out a plan or find your next destination. 
  • In uncertain situations (especially with strangers in a new city) "fake it till you make it".... that is all I have to say. Pretend you have a plan and know everything and no one will question it. 
  • When traveling in winter pack lotion chapstick and use it in LARGE quantities!
  • Markets are your best bet for groceries (there aren't a lot of big chain grocery stores) and you can find one every few blocks...........just be prepared that groceries in NY are EXPENSIVE!
  • "Newyorkers" are very focused and goal oriented people....especially when taking public transportation and aren't apt. to make small talk or give you the time of day. It's not that they are rude, that's just how they are, they are focused and don't talk to will give you away as a non native "newyorker" and its weird:)
  • People in New York are DEDICATED to working out (like running in the park), even when it is FREEZING outside! WHY?????
  • When riding the subway you will always be able to know what station you are passing or stopping at by looking for the street / station name tiled on the walls outside your subway car window. 
  • When riding the subway pay attention to the "uptown" and "downtown" subways.....just because you need to take the 6 doesn't mean you can hop on just any 6, if you are headed uptown hop on the 6 going attention to the key words on signs to see what area you are needing to end up. 
  • Often times the subway will burst your personal bubble (#introvert problems), but just remember, "Newyorkers" are used to riding shoulder to shoulder in a subway car, so if you don't make anything of it it won't be me:)
  • Some "Metro Cards" have advertisements printed on them instead of saying "Metro Card" and its quite disappointing when the second main reason you want a Metro Card (besides for riding the subway) is to take a picture of when the machine knows you are a blogger it shoots out an ugly green card:( (so you borrow your friends for pictures) 
  • Don't wear heels......flats are your best friend.....your feet will thank you. 
  • Newyorkers know how to "practically" dress for the cold and wear giant parkas over their stylish work wear. 
  • Most streets are given an # name (like 78th street) and most likely run into an Avenue (like 7th avenue) so finding your way along the blocks and streets is way easier than you might think. 
  • There will always be a bagel place or coffee shop on nearly ever other street......Newyorkers LOVE their coffee and bagels. 
If you want to see a live version of my trip and some fun footage of the places we went you can checkout more in my NEW YORK VLOG!

Have you been to New York?
What are your thoughts? Do they align with my journal notes?



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