Snow Day

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Coat: Thrifted (Forever 21) | Pants: Thrifted (Nine West) | Boots: Thrifted | Socks: Old Navy
Scarf: a gift | Hat: Target | Gloves: a gift (Faded Glory) 

For those of you who might be wondering "This isn't even a lot of snow....why is she sooooo excited about it?" I know.....this really isn't even that much, but I live in Texas so for me and other Texans this was a pretty BIG DEAL! According to my Canadian friend what I consider to be a "light dusting" of snow, to Canadians is 3 inches, so by that measure this "light dusting" of snow we got last week isn't all that impressive. However, being the Texan that I am it was a "Christmas Miracle" to wake up and see the world covered in a layer of pure white, magical powder.

And to be honest, the only reason I was able to even enjoy this magical occurrence was because my cat woke me up early in the morning, and considering that I had stepped outside at 10pm the night before to see the BIGGEST snowflakes in my life falling from the sky, I was curious to see if it had stuck and the sight before my eyes was breathtaking! Of course I decided to make the most of it and spent a good hour or more taking pictures and driving around to bask in the white glory of our town. I felt like I had awaken into a scene of a Hallmark movie.....not one of the movies where the snow falling is puffy bubbles from a "bubble snow" machine (because it was filmed in the summer to fit it into their schedule for filming 32 original Christmas movies), or where the cover of snow on bushes and the sidewalk is actually white poly-fill covering to make an attempt at "appearing" to be was rather a scene where the small town (that hardly ever got snow) awoke in a winter wonderland because St. Nicholas took it upon himself to add to the magic of the season and make the Christmas OBSESSED town's "Winter Festival" all the more "wintery" with a blanket of white.....and everyone lives Happily Ever After, THE END!

Okay, so maybe that is overdoing it a bit, but that is seriously the best way to describe our Snow Day. Of course, with snow for me meant dressing for the occasion and I took to it like marshmallows to hot chocolate in grabbing my most "wintery" outfit and getting ready in 30 minutes to capture the snowy scenery before it melted in the sun. What says SNOW DAY or WHITE CHRISTMAS more than an outfit of red, white, and Christmas sweater print? NOTHING! So with my winter gear on and my Christmas spirit on full power I went outside to capture the miracle and enjoy the beauty while it lasted.....throwing snow, twirling, and breathing in the crisp air "I Smell Snow" (get the reference)!

Do you live in a place that gets snow?
Do you get excited about snow or is it a nuisance?

- Madison 


  1. We don't get snow that often so I am definitely at your level of excitement when we do!!! I love it. I'm so jealous you got snow even if it wasn't that much.

    Lee -

  2. Yes, that is something special to get snow in Texas! Celebrate in it looked so fun! Love the pictures that captured the snow poses so cute:) We get snow here in Missouri and it always is a welcoming sight for me. It's a blanket of peace and beauty with fun attached. Enjoyed your post;) Stephanie

  3. How do you always get such amazing pictures! You seriously have some of the best photos I've ever seen from a blogger :)

    1. You are seriously the sweetest Elizabeth! I take a lot of my own photos with a tripod and remote so it’s a struggle, but I’ve “somewhat” perfected it over 3 years. I think it comes down to my camera, setting, and editing.

    2. I have the same camera as you, so I think either you are better with your settings or better with the editing...or both! lol

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