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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

I think my favorite part of the blogging world is all the amazing people you come across! I remember when I first discovered blogging and quickly fell in love with the unique styles of so many bloggers and through them came to know more delightful souls that inspired me daily. One of the best parts about following other bloggers is learning about their lives, seeing their cities, and noticing how they are all so unique and different in their personal style, but how they each have something I LOVE!

Today I am sharing my 6 FAVORITE New York fashion bloggers that I have been following for the past few years. If you were to ask me how I first found them all I probably wouldn't be able to tell you because it all seems to run together, but I do know that most of my favorite bloggers have been discovered through other bloggers I already follow, thus creating a unique community of supportive and fashionable ladies. Each one of these 6 ladies has a different style and that is why I love them! They might share favorite brands, or accessories, but each one styles pieces to fit their personality and it is apparent throughout their blog. Not only are these 6 lovely ladies from the "Big Apple," but they are also all full time bloggers (something that is a dream) and I love seeing how they are able to take something they love and have made it their job:) 
Carly of Carly the Prepster (formerly known as College Prepster)
I think I discovered Carly through Sarah KJP (who is one of my favorites) and absolutely fell in love with her preppy and classic style. You will see Carly style pieces anywhere from tailored workwear, sweaters and Hunter boots, all the way to sportswear. She covers everything we love about classic and preppy fashion as well as some amazing lifestyle posts, travel, tips, beauty, and inspiration. I love getting both blogger and style inspiration from Carly, and what is even crazier is that a photographer I follow who went to Florida State and is friends with another photographer I love now works for Carly and her blog in NY (small world). If you haven't checked out Carly the Prepster you need to go now:) 
Noelle Downing of Noelle's Favorite Things
Noelle sets herself apart by being quite different from your typical blogger. She started blogging because she wanted to give girls someone to look up to other than the typical blogger and therefore created Noelle's Favorite Things as a hub for sharing her killer style and focusing on Body Positivity. She has the cutest Dog named Duke and a fluffy rabbit named Monti. Noelle shares her unique style anywhere from chunky sweaters, romantic dresses, her famous Beret hats, and fun quirky prints. Apart from sharing style posts she also shares a lot of home decor from her darling NY apartment, recipes, and many travel posts. I would characterize Noelle's style as being cozy, fun, and laid back with a hint of city vibes. On her Instagram she also shares stylish OOTD posts that I can never get enough of! 
Rachel Martino of Rachel Martino 
Rachel is seriously the coolest! Not only do I love her style and hair, but she also speaks fluent french (she even has a french YouTube channel) and is probably the biggest fan of Paris. Also, her and Noelle Downing are BFFs and it is so fun to see all the trips they take together. Rachel primarily focuses on style and beauty, mixing french inspiration with classic NY style to get the perfect mix of city chic. She knows how to mix girly and romantic styles with urban inspiration and I always love seeing what she puts together (especially her earrings). You will find Rachel in anything from pale pink sweaters and "mary janes" to graphic tshirts and over-sized denim jackets and her Instagram is full of inspiration! 
Stephanie of Steffy's Pros + Cons
I think the main reason I love Stephanie's blog is for her cozy and laid back style. She can rock high waisted shorts, oversized cardigans, and loafers like no one else and her fabulous hair braids, messy buns, and bangs are something that keeps me coming back. Not to mention that she is married and has the cutest little boy named Hudson and an adorable Deutschound:) Her and her husband are the also cutest couple, and it just gets better that he takes all of her blog pictures which is #goals! Stephanie's style centers around natural warm colors such as brown, orange, and mustard and you can't help but feel cozy when you look at her Instagram. Her blog has everything from style, beauty, home, lifestyle, travel, as well as personal posts, and everything she writes is always so relatable. 
Krista of Covering The Bases
I discovered Krista's blog through one of my dear Instagram/blogger friends (who actually now lives in NY) and absolutely fell in love with her style! Krista is a true #girlboss when it comes to being a blogger because not only does she blog full time, but she also works full time in the social media department for Major League Baseball (hence the baseball reference in her title). It amazes me the content she is able to create even with her busy schedule. Fellow cat lady, lover of all things blue gingham and monogrammed, classic style aficionado and preppy perfection. On her blog she features amazing style posts from work wear to casual pieces, book reviews, lifestyle posts, and tidbits about her life in NY. If you are a fan of classic and preppy style you have to check her out! 
Keiko of Keiko Lynn
I have been following along with Keiko for years and she is truly a unique gem! If you need someone who is an expert on makeup, knows how to make style personal and unique, reinvent vintage pieces with a pop of modern and all the while create combinations that you want to steal, she is a blogger you MUST follow. She has an adorable dog named Miku and 3 cats (all of which she adopted) so how can you not love her:) While Keiko is definitely an avid style blogger she also greatly focuses on beauty, whether it is skincare, makeup, diy, hair, etc. and I am always getting so much inspiration from her. Apart from beauty you will also find fun and colorful DIY posts. Out of all the bloggers I follow she is definitely the most vintage focused and I will never not love the combos she creates from head to toe!

I hope you have fallen in love with these six style bloggers as much as I have over the years and possibly even found a new favorite style crush:)

Have you heard of any of these bloggers?
Are you a fan of preppy or vintage bloggers?



  1. We follow all of the same people but I found two new ones so that is exciting!

  2. So excited to check out these blogs!
    ~ Megan Joy