Happiness In The Details

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

 Sweater: Target
Jeans: Thrifted + Upcycled 
Jacket: Forever 21 (old)
Purse: Coach (thrifted)
Shoes: Target
Hat: c/o Gamiss
Earrings: c/o Happiness Boutique 

Something about fall has me trying out new styles and this look is definitely one of them! While this look is quite new for me, it's something that I have loved seeing on others, specifically on Olivia who always rocks Beret's with cutoff jeans and simple gold hoop earrings. I decided to try my hand at styling something modernly 70's after receiving these perfect gold dangle hoop earrings from Happiness Boutique and I can't get over how much I love this combo.

Happiness Boutique was created to be "inspiration for positive and authentic women; a place to make women not only look good, but also feel good," and through this they created a business where women could be happy and spread happiness! When they reached out to me I was curious to see their jewelry and the different styles they offered and I absolutely fell in love with everything I saw. The styles of Happiness Boutique blend timeless classics with a charming vintage touch and I love everything about them:)

I often forget about the small details of earrings when it comes to outfits and I know this look wouldn't be complete without these dangle hoop earrings that pulled everything together. You know the phrase that goes something along the lines of "its the little things in life....."? Well I think it is the little details in every outfit that add a pop of excitement and happiness to any ensemble. For me, the happy detail in this look is the earrings and I can't get enough of them! With all the details of this look it's quite french meets modern, meets 1970's artist and I'm obsessed :)

With happiness as their mission, Happiness Boutique is offering 10% off to all my readers with the code minniemuseblog, so I hope you go and find a pair of earrings that makes you just as happy as these make me. Also, stay tuned for another post coming soon, featuring my second favorite pair of earrings from this lovely brand!



  1. You got that sweater at Target?! I totally would have bought it if they had it at the stores near me.
    I love this whole look! And it definitely suits you. The earrings and the beret are so cute!
    ~ Megan Joy

  2. Love this!!! Turtlenecks are my fave !!!💛🖤💛