Friend Fashion: Preppy in Plaid

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Shirt: Talbot's (from Nordstrom)
Vest: Talbot's (from Nordstrom)
Shoes: Payless

Meet Elizabeth (but I call her Libby), "Thing 1" of my bestie duo. If you asked us how we became friends we probably couldn't tell you. One day we were just members of the same Square Dance club, and the next we were best friends (more like sisters), so I guess things that are meant to be just happen! We are the same in so many ways (like chocolate, chick flicks, makeup, and doing nothing together) but opposites in every way when it comes to our personality, however, I think that is what makes us such great friends and fun fact....we are taking a trip to NY in January together!
I don't always get to feature my friends on the blog because usually I take most of my own pictures, but this fall Libby has been such a sport and has accompanied me on a couple of my fall outings and humored me when I asked her to take my pictures :) It helps that she is nearly, just as obsessed with fall as me. Of course I had to return the favor and snap some pictures of her fabulous looks also:) 
With that being said, and because I absolutely LOVE this look of hers, I thought it would be fun to share something a bit more "preppy" which is her specialty! Her look for our trip to the corn maze was absolutely so perfect for fall (even though I might have even texted her before to say we should dress like, because what other print is more perfect for this season than plaid! Double plaid at that is an even better pairing and I don't think anyone but Libby could pull it off this well:) You can see how she styled the top and vest with a wool skirt in this post from last fall and it looks just as great!
If you are looking for a styling tip when it comes to prints, always go for pairing similar prints with slight variations: large plaid on small plaid, wide stripes with small stripes, jumbo check with small gingham, etc.

Are you a fan of preppy plaid?



  1. I adore the boots! And outfit is perfect for a corn maze. :) I like your curls, too!
    ~ Megan Joy

  2. The plaid or gingham style is pretty in season this year but not being harsh you kind of overdid it by layering it over one another.