Recent Faves pt. 14

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

It's September and Fall is right around the corner! I am all about making pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, burning pumpkin candles, getting pumpkin spice latte's from Starbucks and searching for trees with orange leaves wherever I go....just waiting on that cool weather! Often time however, I just live my true vision of fall vicariously through others, so many of my most recent favorite posts are centered around all things fall. So go grab yourself your favorite fall drink and settle in for some fabulous style inspiration, glam, music, and other such favorites! 
  • I've always liked the idea of dressing a cute pair of sneakers up with a cute skirt, so Kathy's fun comfy look here is to die for! 
  • Rebecca's Ireland lifestyle is a dream, especially when she goes Apple Picking in the fall! 
  • New Darlings London trip is everything I dream of and more! I loved their posts on their London trip here & here and Christina's English style if stunning.
  • Noelle's picnic in Prospect Park has me feeling all the NY vibes and wishing I could have a picnic like this when I go!
  • If you need some MAJOR rose pink princess vibes, Girl Meets Glam dressed up style look is stunning in every shimmery/lacy since of the word:) 
  • Caleb and Kelsey's cover of My Heart Will Go On from the Titanic is beautiful! 
  • Hallmark Channel's tv show Chesapeake Shores is so good! It's the typical "somewhat predictable" story line with dramatic twists and fabulous characters! 
  • Vera Wang's new Embrace perfume collection is so dreamy and feminine and I am absolutely in love with their Rosebuds and Vanilla Scent
  • This is such a fun Back to School post from Daphnie, it has me wanting to do a scholarly inspired style post. 
  • I might have gone a bit overboard with my AUTUMN Pinterest board
  • Okay, so if you didn't know I love Shawn Mendez's and his CMA performance of There's Nothing Holding Me Back is fantastic! 
  • I might have teared up at Julia's post on on Girl Meets Glam with her 5 Favorite Spots For Fall Foliage because she made all my fall dreams come true and transported me into an Autumn wonderland! 
  • If you don't watch America's Got Talent and haven't heard of the Airforce Acapela group "In the Starewell" you desperately need to go watch all their performances now! Check them out here, here, here, and here!    


  1. Thats cool watch that TV show it is filmed near me. I was in it a bunch of times doing background. I am in all of the Hallmark movies. If you watch that channel regularly you will for sure spot me

  2. OH MY way! Totally going to keep my eye out for you in all those shows because I watch A LOT of Hallmark shows:)

  3. I am anxiously waiting for the pumpkin Muffin recipe as I have never made these muffins before you look lovely in this picture I will be waiting for the recipe please post the recipe soon.