Recent Faves pt. 14

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

It's September and Fall is right around the corner! I am all about making pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, burning pumpkin candles, getting pumpkin spice latte's from Starbucks and searching for trees with orange leaves wherever I go....just waiting on that cool weather! Often time however, I just live my true vision of fall vicariously through others, so many of my most recent favorite posts are centered around all things fall. So go grab yourself your favorite fall drink and settle in for some fabulous style inspiration, glam, music, and other such favorites! 
  • I've always liked the idea of dressing a cute pair of sneakers up with a cute skirt, so Kathy's fun comfy look here is to die for! 
  • Rebecca's Ireland lifestyle is a dream, especially when she goes Apple Picking in the fall! 
  • New Darlings London trip is everything I dream of and more! I loved their posts on their London trip here & here and Christina's English style if stunning.
  • Noelle's picnic in Prospect Park has me feeling all the NY vibes and wishing I could have a picnic like this when I go!
  • If you need some MAJOR rose pink princess vibes, Girl Meets Glam dressed up style look is stunning in every shimmery/lacy since of the word:) 
  • Caleb and Kelsey's cover of My Heart Will Go On from the Titanic is beautiful! 
  • Hallmark Channel's tv show Chesapeake Shores is so good! It's the typical "somewhat predictable" story line with dramatic twists and fabulous characters! 
  • Vera Wang's new Embrace perfume collection is so dreamy and feminine and I am absolutely in love with their Rosebuds and Vanilla Scent
  • This is such a fun Back to School post from Daphnie, it has me wanting to do a scholarly inspired style post. 
  • I might have gone a bit overboard with my AUTUMN Pinterest board
  • Okay, so if you didn't know I love Shawn Mendez's and his CMA performance of There's Nothing Holding Me Back is fantastic! 
  • I might have teared up at Julia's post on on Girl Meets Glam with her 5 Favorite Spots For Fall Foliage because she made all my fall dreams come true and transported me into an Autumn wonderland! 
  • If you don't watch America's Got Talent and haven't heard of the Airforce Acapela group "In the Starewell" you desperately need to go watch all their performances now! Check them out here, here, here, and here!    

beauty, Value, Purpose

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Skirt: The Skirtery
Shirt: c/o Four Eight from Whatever Ministry 
Shoes: Old Navy
Purse: c/o Gamiss 

Did you know you are BEAUTIFUL! You are VALUABLE and you are here for a PURPOSE!

I am so in LOVE with this shirt, not only because of its positive, uplifting, and valuable message, but also because it is from an organization with an incredible vision! Whatever Ministry reached out to me recently and asked if I would like to be a brand influencer for their shop Four:Eight. After hearing about what they stand for and what their mission is, I was completely sold and couldn't wait to share this with you all. 

Whatever Ministry was inspired Phillipians 4:8 "Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is anything praiseworthy, think about these things." and I love that everything they do is influenced by this verse. Apart from having the cutest shop with products that encourage beauty, modesty, and value, they also hold events that promote the beauty of modesty as a lifestyle that starts with the heart and I LOVE that! 

Because the message of Whatever Ministry is so important they were kind enough to give me a discount code for you all so that you can get one of these Beauty, Value, Purpose shirts for yourself (or a friend)! So hop on over to their shop and use the code MADISON48 for 10% off :)

As a blogger I get the chance to partner with various brands and companies, but it's days like these, when I get to partner with a company that has such a POWERFUL MESSAGE that make me the happiest! I hope that today you see your beauty, realize your value, and understand your purpose!


How I keep my hair healthy between trims

Monday, September 4, 2017

I think we can all agree that being a "shampoo snob" or "hair snob" comes naturally to many of us. We love to find shampoo and conditioner that smells amazing while also making our hair feel great. However, hair care doesn't end with shampoo and conditioner, nor does it start with frequent trims. What happens between trims is honestly one of the most important steps in how we treat our hair and keep it healthy. 

I don't get my hair trimmed as often as I should, probably only about twice a year. Nevertheless, I am still very focused on keeping my hair healthy, smooth, and unbroken. My typical hair routine every morning is to curl or straighten it if I am going out, so you can imagine how dry and broken my hair can become. If you didn't know, I actually used to have REALLY long almost to my waist long hair! However, I somehow decided that I wanted a change and chopped it all off  to shoulder length and then almost a bob. Needless to say I am ready for long hair again, so keeping my hair healthy is a top priority. 

When it comes to hair care in between trims there are two things I focus on: hair serums or hair oil and masks. My two go to products are Suave's Biotin Infusion Anti-Breakage Serum and Briogeo's Don't Despair, Repair Deep Conditioning Mask. Suave's anti-breakage serum is amazing and has really helped my hair become stronger and unbroken amidst heat from straighteners and wands. I use just a few pumps of the biotin serum every night and gently rub it through the tips of my damp hair. Apart from the serum, I just recently received the Briogeo deep conditioning hair mask complementary of Influenster and OH MY GOSH I have NEVER met a hair mask this amazing! After just one use my hair felt like it just got a fresh trim, is amazingly soft and easy to brush. What I love most is that Briogeo's products don't contain sulfates, parabens, silicone's, or artificial colors. The secret to it's charm is the unique blend of avocado, sweet almond & argan oils as well as essential hair vitamins and biotin that repair damaged hair, enhance shine, and reduce breakage by up to 81%! 

**This post is not sponsored, although I received Briogeo's mask free from Influenster. All opinions are my own from experience**

What are your go to hair treatments?


I've Got Sunshine On A Cloudy Day

Friday, September 1, 2017

Dress: Made 
Shoes: Old Navy (old)
Purse: Vintage
Belt: Vintage
Earrings: Vintage

It feels like FOREVER since I have posted something on the blog! Student teaching has definitely put my life in a while different gear work and time wise. Oddly enough however, I have actually had the entire week off, but blogging just didn't seem like a top priority with everything else going on.
If you keep up with the news you might have heard about Hurricane Harvey that hit the coast of Texas and Houston. Thankfully my family and I didn't have any damage from the storm, but sadly we know a number of people who lost their homes.

Seeing the destruction that hit Houston and other towns was heartbreaking and seeing the number of people who lost their homes and all their possessions made me realize how fortunate and abundantly blessed I am. While it almost seems horrible to realize that my family and I were spared while others lost so much, it gave us an opportunity to go out into our community to volunteer, pick up supplies for local shelters, and help those who were hit hard by the storm.

Despite the horrible events and aftermath of a disaster such as a hurricane, it has been AMAZING to see people come together and lend a helping hand, financial support, supplies, and prayer....often times for complete strangers. Even more incredible, is that in the midst of a divided nation whether it be in regards to government, religion, or anything else, people were willing to drop everything, forget about their differences and help one another. Sometimes it takes storms (physical and metaphorical) to teach us lessons and pull our focus off of ourselves and instead focus on others and the world around us. Even amidst this devastating destruction, my hope for the American people has truly been restored this week! Yes, there is still much to recover from and our country is still divided, but if the events of Hurricane Harvey have taught me anything it is that people still care for their neighbors and for complete strangers, and above anything there is still HOPE!

I pray that in the aftermath of this storm and in the midst of Houston and other towns recovering and rebuilding, that people will hold onto that hope and that it will become our focus every day!


In regards to this outfit, these pictures were actually taken back in June (I know....why has it taken me this long to share them)! However, this is definitely one of my FAVORITE sheet dresses.....yes, you heard me right, I said sheet dresses because I do in fact have 7 dresses (all my favorites) made out of sheets (see herehere, here, and here). I don't always wear things that are fully, cheerfully colorful but this dress reminds me of a lollipop and I LOVE it! Plus it's ridiculously comfortable and cool and twirly so:) I decided that with color comes color and paired it with a cheerful bouquet of flowers from Trader Joe's (who doesn't love their flowers), heels from old navy, vintage clip on earrings, and this colorful embroidered vintage purse. Plus an pop of pink lipstick and a milkmaid braid (which my hair is long enough to do now) didn't hurt either!