Everyday Makeup With L'oreal Paris

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

I am back again with a NEW makeup tutorial and a fabulous post about my new favorite products with L'Oreal Paris! I have been a huge fan of L'Oreal Paris for years, but never ventured out of their mascaras, however after receiving a number of their new products I fell in love with everything about them and how perfectly they fit into my everyday makeup routine and life!

I was pretty blown away by the mascara, foundation, and lipstick and can't get enough of either one! As always, you can find any of the L'Oreal Paris products at your local drugstore or Target and they are definitely my new go to for a professional quality at an affordable price. If you want to see how I used each product you can watch the tutorial I put together.

Have you ever tried L'Oreal Makeup?
What is your favorite makeup brand?


Night At The Museum

Friday, August 18, 2017

Jumpsuit: Ross
Sweater: Thrifted
Purse: Thrifed (H&M)
Shoes: Target
**Pictures by my brother and I**

Okay, so maybe we actually visited the museum last Sunday afternoon (and not at night) but I couldn't help getting caught up in the quintessential feeling that walking into a museum gives you! On our way up the stairs to visit a specialty exhibit on Gladiators, my brother turned to me and said "being here always reminds me of Night At the Museum" and I couldn't help looking around and thinking that everything was going to come to life!

It has been YEARS since we visited the museum, and considering my brother and I really like museums (and both wanted to go) we made a list of all the ones we wanted to visit before he left for college on Wednesday. Needless to say we have visited NASA and managed to visit both the Museum of Natural Science and the Museum of Fine Arts Houston last Sunday (talk about being exhausted afterwards).

I was feeling in the mood to wear something comfortable, so I decided to wear this fun two toned striped and navy jumpsuit. This jumpsuit is seriously the most comfortable thing ever and the color and stripes make it impeccably classy. With that, I decided to throw a grey cardigan on since museums are always freezing, and paired the whole look with lace up sued flats and one of my brown satchel purses.

Are you a fan of museums?
What is you favorite part about visiting them?


10 Things You Should Know About Introverts

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

A few months ago I stumbled upon a facebook page called Introvert Dear, where they share various articles and writings about Introverts, Highly Sensitive People, and all of us quiet types:) I seriously can't get enough of their articles every time I run across one, and I have honestly learned so much more about my personality (they totally get me)! In the past I have been very vocal on the blog about my personality, and like I have shared before, I am an INFJ which makes up only 1% of the population, and while my introverted personality differs from other Introverts, there are a host of similarities in our lives that we share and that bind us together. 

I think sharing about who we are, opening up, and being vulnerable (for me that's in writing) allows us to show a different side of us to people. I know a number of bloggers who have shared about their struggle with depression, eating disorders, etc. and I always love and admire that they are so honest about who they are. Therefore, being vocal about my personality is something I am passionate about and I will never get tired of sharing that side of me on the blog. 

With that being said, reading articles and reflecting back on life and relationships, I have come to realize how misunderstood we as Introverts truly are. I have had people say that they didn't like me at first, ask if I am always this serious, mention that I am a very quiet person, or jokingly ask if I ever have fun. It is with that realization that I have decided to write up a list of 10 things you should know about introverts if you are friends with one, are an extrovert, or totally don't know anything about this personality. However, let me be clear to reassure you that I am not writing this post from a negative mindset or to point fingers at anyone (friend or family) but simply to shine a light on the complicated inner workings of an introverts brain:) I hope that by reading this you will learn a bit more about the Introverts among you! 

  1. NEVER assume that we don't like you or that we "hate" you (true words from past experience)! Okay....so we might be super serious when we first meet you (or even if we have known each other for years), awkward, and not say much, but give us time and make an effort to talk and start up a conversation or keep it going....please don't put everything on our shoulders. If you make an effort you will find that first impressions of Introverts are wrong 99% of the time! We really don't hate people....contrary to popular belief.....so give us a chance (or a second chance).
  2. You might make social interaction and outside get togethers a high priority, but we as introverts prefer to spend time alone, get chores or homework done, or finish a project we have been working on. This happens because we tend to see life very logically and often assess everything that needs to get done in our life (tackle that to do list), so most often we choose school or work over social settings because those are important to us, and when we don't have school or work to do we might just need time to recharge. 
  3. Don't let our sometimes "hermit" like nature fool you, we really do want to get together with you or get to know new people but we don't want to bother you by making the first move, sending the first text, or sometimes starting the conversation. We often feel like we are bothering people by texting first and we hate to be a nuisance, so when you get the chance reach out, because chances are we were actually thinking about you! 
  4. With that being said, if we say NO when you ask us to do something it doesn't mean you should stop inviting us. Keep reaching out and offering the invitation and one day we will probably come. However, don't be forceful or pressure us in your invitation, be understanding about our personality, and maybe even ask us "what would you be up to doing?"
  5. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, give us at least 24 hours notice about things! If you want to go do something don't text us an hour before that outing and expect us to excitedly say yes. Sure, we might say yes, but in these cases that's rare because we don't have adequate time to prepare or even get ready and we really won't be in the best frame of mind. So the next time you want to go out to eat, see a movie, visit a friend, or get together to watch a movie text us the day before....or better yet let's set up a plan 3 days before:)
  6. We like being around groups of people sometimes (our hidden talent is people watching), but if we are still getting to know each other let's grab coffee together instead of going to a party or hanging out with a large group of people! WE prefer to get to know people and open up more in one on one situations, over group settings. Same goes for if we are catching up with old friends after a few years. 
  7. In regards to group settings, don't expect us to act like everyone else and freely mingle....in fact, if you tell us to go mingle at an event we will want to crawl under a rock. We will probably just end up standing near a table by ourselves, drinking 4 glasses of water just so we have something to do, smile at everyone who passes by, but never work up the courage to initiate conversation. So if you see us standing there looking uncomfortable because of all the people (or because we just drank 4 glasses of water) just say hello!
  8. Plain and simple we aren't known to have a lot of friends, but I'm not saying that in a negative or depressing way. We prefer to have a handful of close friends over a slew of acquaintances. We function this way because it allows us to cultivate true authentic friendships over surface level friends......honestly we really do dislike fake people so if you "pretend" to be our friend we are going to see right through the mask and the two of us will never be close. 
  9. We will probably think differently than you 100% of the time! We like details and all the information up front so that we can meticulously think through every scenario and option determining what is best before we commit to something. When we go into something blindly we are going to get stressed out, so we are the students who send our teachers (or professors) emails like 3 times before the first day of class and then send them multiple texts or emails throughout the semester...LOL! 
  10. Most people's saying might be to "let loose and live a little," but for us that just causes undue stress. So when it comes time to being spontaneous, we really do hate it most of the time! Stretching beyond our comfort zones or control is not something we like to do, and again we are going to think through all the details and if it doesn't seem logical we won't want to go along with it. 
Do you fall into the Introvert category?
How do these 10 things align with your personality?
Do you have a friend who is an Introvert?


Iced Coffee & Life Update

Monday, August 14, 2017

Shirt: Old Navy
Shorts: Thrifted & DIY
Shoes: Shoe Carnival
Purse: Thrifted Coach

I've definitely drank my fair share of iced coffee and iced latte's this summer! We have the cutest hipster coffee shop in town and their Iced Latte's are to die for. Speaking of coffee places, our town is also getting a "Common Grounds" which is a well known coffee shop in Waco TX and I am freaking out!

However, let's talk life. I feel like I haven't shared much about life on here recently so here's an update. First off, I rescued a kitten + now kind of adopted him (full on catlady + cat mom mode). Went on 5 camping trips this summer with my family & I actually got tan at the beach and lake (not sure how I feel about it). Read a few books, taught two sewing classes & a dance camp, went on a road trip, visited family, hung out with friends, and watched a lot of TV show!

With that being said however, I am now in my last semester of college and this fall and will be doing student teaching, which means I will be in the classroom with students for 14 weeks. Student teaching is basically like being a full time teacher without getting paid, so as of next Tuesday its full on teacher mode!

While I am excited about student teaching, my semester is going to be pretty busy, which means the blog will be put on the back burner for bit. That doesn't mean I won't be blogging, but I will probably be posting less (which will be hard). I've gotten into a good rhythm this year with the blog and I am pretty proud of the content that I have created and posted, so to cut back will be a stretch.

What does this really mean for Minnie Muse? I am hoping to use part of my weekends for blog work, taking photos, editing, and creating content. However, with that, I will probably still only post once a week for now. Honestly, I have begun to realize how time consuming blogging truly is:) You might think that it takes less than an hour to put a post together but combining the time it takes for a photo shoot, plus choosing pictures, editing them, writing a post, and adding links it can be close to a 3 hour process or more! Therefore, while it's hard to accept that the blog can't be my top priority rest assured that I will not disappear!

I feel like there's more that I need to include in this post, but its already getting long :) so I  you all had a great summer and best wishes to the rest of the year or your new semester!

- Madison

A Day At Nasa

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Dress: Vintage (Thrifted)
Shoes: Rackroom Shoes
Bag: Vintage Coach
Earrings: Vintage
**Pictures by my Brother**

I've never been the most scientific person in my family. While my brother could recite everything about the solar system, black holes, space travel, etc. I am more apt to just watch space shows with a thriving interest and curiosity. Interstellar, The Martian, Apollo 13, and Hidden Figures (which features my favorite Astronaut) are movies that interest me because they are filled with adventure, suspense, space travel, and loads of scientific language that I don't understand (but greatly appreciate). With that being said, as I have shared on the blog before, Astronaut Wives Club is one of my favorite TV shows because it centers around the start of the NASA space program and follows the first astronauts and their wives as they are part of the Mercury pivotal Mercury 7 program.

It is because of my great interest in the history of the NASA space program that I was so excited to take a field trip to Space Center Houston with my brother and parents. Both my parents are science teachers and my brother has always wanted to be an astronaut so taking a trip to NASA with them was such a fun day (even if we got rained on). I am pretty sure I was only about 11 the last time I visited Space Center Houston so going back as an adult who knows more and appreciates history was such a treat. It was so cool walking around, looking at displays, and recognizing the names of the first astronauts in Mercury 7 and even a more current astronaut whose book I read for one of my college classes.

If you are not familiar with Space Center Houston, it is the visitor center of the National Aeronautics ans Space Administration's (NASA) center for human space activities. However, while the space center itself is more of a museum with exhibits and artifacts, you are also able to take a tour of the entire NASA headquarters located on site, including the original Mission Control Center and the astronaut training center.

With my undying love for the TV show Astronaut Wives club and the styles of the late 60's it was a no brainer that I chose to take cues from the stylish wives of past astronauts in choosing my ensemble for the day! Looking back on what the original astronaut wives wore, I settles on this blue vintage shirtwaist dress, a simple brown purse, close toed sandals, and an old pair of vintage clip on earrings.

I have always said that clothes have the power to transport you to a different place or era, and on this particular day that phrase was so accurate. I felt like I truly had stepped back in time and into the midst of the Mercury 7 program and I couldn't have been happier reliving pivotal points in our nations history and the science of space travel :)

P.S. these pictures were taken after I had been rained on three times!

Have you ever been to NASA?
Are you a fan of space shows?


About Me Q&A (2017 Version)

Friday, August 4, 2017

Top: DIY
Pants: Thrifted
Mug: Anthropogie 
It's been awhile in coming, but I finally filmed my 2017 Q&A video answering all of the great questions you all asked me! I decided to break the Q&A Video into a few different categories, so the first one focuses on answering your general questions about me:) Hop on over to my YouTube channel or scroll to the end of this post for the first installment. Hope you enjoy!