Down By The Seashore

Monday, July 31, 2017

Dress: Vintage (grandmothers)
Shoes: old
Hat: Target
Purse: Thrifted
Sunglasses: Five Below
Watch: Sam Moon
**Pictures by my brother**
I have a dear affinity for the seaside, salt spray on my face, sea breeze in my hair, and the crash of waves upon the shore. I love the colors of the seaside islands in their muted earthy hues mixed with a pop of colorful houses and budding bushes. I love seeing the bustling sidewalks as people go to and fro with a destination in mind and a memory to make, but I also love to sit by the water with a good book and soak up the tranquility of the oceans song lulling against the sand. 

On our trip to Galveston this summer I made sure to soak up everything I love about the seaside, which really included me asking my dad to pull over by all the colorful beach houses to take pictures and then making my brother walk by all the old cottages on one of the main streets to snap more pictures. There always seems to be something simple about the seaside which is probably why I keep going back:)

I decided to go with simple and natural pastel vibes for our day exploring the island and settled on this vintage dress I inherited from my grandmother. Since the day consisted of walking in the sun I finished off my look with my summer boater hat, comfortable walking sandals, my brown woven leather purse, and well tinted black sunglasses. 

Are you a fan of the seaside?



  1. lovely summer outfit <3

  2. Such a beautiful dress! It's so lovely <3 And it totally screams summer!

  3. You sure had a nice trip! All the beautiful colors and flowers of sea side is captured in all your photos;) so lucky you were able to wear your grandmothers pretty dress, like the style and colors on you;) Stephanie

    1. Thank you Stephanie! Glad you enjoyed it:)

  4. Oh gosh yes! Definite seaside fan! & thank you for introducing me to this beautiful area, too :>

  5. These photos are simply beautiful! And of course your dress is absolutely darling!


  6. This place looks dreamy and your dress perfectly matches the surroundings. What a great vintage piece!


  7. Wow. The outfit that you are wearing, is impressive. I wish that I could go to the seashore on which you were spending your best time.

  8. Galveston looks amazing and your outfit is just right! You even match the houses. :) I do enjoy the seaside...I have never been anywhere but the lovely West coast, but like dreaming of our country's other shores. :)

  9. omg it looks so cute there! I have been to Houston 5 times because my friend lived there. I always heard her talk about Galveston and now I am so mad I didn't go! It looks so amazing
    Love your vintage dress too!

  10. Lovely outfit.

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  12. These photos are simply beautiful!

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