Skincare Beauty Favorites: Summer 2017

Monday, June 26, 2017

Happy Monday lovelies! Today I thought I would share a bit about my current beauty routine and break down some of my favorite products that I have been using. 
When it comes to my beauty routine I have definitely changed it up over the years due to my skin and throughout its highs and lows. I definitely don't have perfect skin, and constantly deal with breakouts and blemishes. I have used my fair share of topical treatments, prescriptions, and different face washes, but I don't think any of those products quite compare to my current routine which has boosted the heath of my skin tremendously and helped it regain its youthful glow and keep blemishes to a minimum (can you say BONUS)! My routine right now is my own personal take on the Korean Skincare system and craze that is taking the beauty industry by storm. While I don't use all Korean skincare products, I do take into account the steps (which are the most important) and with that, I think my skin is finally able to be happy.

Okay, so obviously the first step in my routine is to remove my makeup and cleanse. At night time I start out removing my makeup by washing my face with coconut oil in the shower. Since the Korean skincare routine encompases oil cleansers, I opt to use coconut oil to remove makeup which works like a dream. After I remove my makeup I then move on to cleanse and use the Neutrogena Ultra Gentle foaming cleanser which is AMAZING! This cleanser is definitely true to its name when it says gentle, and that is why I love it because it isn't full of medication or harsh on my skin and always leaves it fresh and smooth. My current philosophy seems to be less is more, because in the past my skin would get overwhelmed with the many ingredients, but now it can take a break because what I use is simple. (In the morning I use the same cleanser to wash my face.) 

Toners & Essence
Toners and Essence are the next vital step when it comes to the Korean Skincare routine, and this is where I actually do use two Korean products. After I cleanse my face in the morning I apply the  COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence which aids in hydration, repair, and brightness. And if you are wondering about the "snail mucin" in the name you would be right in assuming that it does contain 96% snail mucin which is great for skin health, and I can definitely tell the difference in my skins feel and brightness and it definitely has become more smooth as some of my scars have begun to deminish:) If I need a little extra boost I will also use Mario Badescu facial spray which everyone raves about and I now understand the hype! Not only does it smell heavenly with a light rose scent, but it is rejuvenating, and makes my skin feel extra moisturized with a boost. 

In the evening however, I alternate days using Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Night pads which I use as my "chemical exfoliant" in the Korean skincare step routine. However, like I said, I alternate days with these, so when I am not using them I will use COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid which works as an essence and simple topical treatment for my pores, and I have definitely seen a difference in my skin adding this to my routine. 

Sunscreen & Topical
 Last but not least are two products that are vital to the health and youthfulness of my skin. As a fair complexioned person I am always needing to apply sunscreen in the summer but I always forget that daily using sunscreen on my face will help protect it from harsh rays and keep it looking younger longer. Therefore, I recently started using the MISSHA all around safe block waterproof sun milk and have been loving it! Typically sunscreen leaves your face feeling oily and its application heavy, but this formula is light, airy, dries once rubbed in and smells like a flower. Plus, since it is waterproof it holds up under humidity and sweat and also any dips in the pool. 

As for topical treatments, I have always used some type of topical at night to keep my blemishes to a minimum or to try and completely eradicate them. Unfortunately, due to slightly sensitive skin I would always deal with my skin drying out or flaking (because of the medication) and I hated the feeling of putting chemicals on my face. However, last semester I decided to give Curology a try after seeing it pop up on social media and the Internet, and OH MY GOSH my skin hasn't been the same since! You will definitely have to go check out Curology for yourself, but it was created to give you a personalized prescription for your face, depending on your blemishes. What I love the most, is that it isn't full of harsh chemicals, but rather focuses on the health of your skin itself which aids in healing breakouts, and I kid you not, when I wake up in the morning my skin always feels smoother :) 

The only other thing I will add to my skincare routine once/twice a week is a clay mask to draw out impurities or a sheet mask (also part of Korean Skincare) to restore my skins moisture and glow. 

Have you heard/tried any of these products?
Have you ever tried out the Korean Skincare routine? 



  1. I have never heard of curology, I am dying to try it now !

  2. Love this post! I definitely want to try out some of the products you recommend- I already use and love Mario Badescu!

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  4. yeah.. these products will glow skin and will give a new look.
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