Orange Creamsicle

Friday, June 16, 2017

Dress: Thrifted (Anthropologie: same on Poshmark)
Shoes: Modcloth
Hat: DIY

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I've never been a big fan of the color orange.....truly I really don't like it and typically avoid wearing it whenever possible, which is kind of funny considering the color for my college was orange (which I honestly hated). However, when I was shopping at Goodwill earlier this spring I happened upon this orange striped midi dress. When I first found it I was immediately intrigued by the length, but almost put it back on the rack because it was orange. Thankfully though, the desperate need for a longer length of dress prompted me to try it on and I was pleasantly surprised! 

When I tried it on I fell in love with the length, the key hole tie back, and the comfort of the stretchy fabric (its literally the comfiest dress ever). You can imagine my surprise then when I took it off and started looking at the tags and realized that it was an anthropologie dress! That simple fact sold the dress for me. However, the best part about it was going to purchase it and finding out it was only $5 when most dresses at Goodwill all go for $9.99, so that was a very happy and successful shopping day. 

The main reason I love this dress (besides the fact that it's crazy comfortable) is that it can be worn anywhere! I wore it to a friends graduation already, and if I had any weddings to go to this summer it would definitely be worn to one of them. Of course, you could even throw a denim jacket over it and grab a pair of sneakers to make it super casual so it could easily take you from day to night simply by changing your shoes and accessories!

What is one color you are not a fan of?



  1. I'm the same way with orange! I almost didn't go to Baylor because the colors were green and gold, and I did NOT like the look of the two together ---I wish I were kidding haha! But this is like a deep blood orange, and it's such a pretty color on you! Glad you branched out a bit; you look great :) Also that hat is so cute!!

  2. Super cute outfit, Madison! What a great Goodwill find. I typically avoid orange too, but the shade of your dress is really pretty! It reminds me of grapefruit. :)

  3. What a pretty style dress! I agree that orange is not my first choice either. I do like it on your dress though.I would of bought it too! Love your scenery for your photos! Stephanie

  4. That dress is so refreshing and comfortable looking for Summer.

  5. I actually really don't like orange either, but I would wear this! It's so cute, and I love the stripes! I would definitely wear a denim jacket over it ;) I also don't like greens or yellows, but I will branch out and wear them sometimes! Sometimes you just have to find that perfect shade ;)

  6. Your dress is so cute, I love the back details with the bow