Rambles on French Countryside

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Top: c/o StyleWe
Skirt: Forever 21
Scarf: Vintage
Shoes: Thrifted (Old Navy)
Purse: Vintage Coach
Hat: Forever 21

I know, I know.....this isn't the French Countryside, in fact it is FAR from it, but that doesn't mean that there aren't places I have found that remind me of what the French Countryside would look like. In fact, when it comes to imagining myself in another place it often comes down to styling a look that is inspired by the very place I envision in my head:)

When I think of the French countryside (or really French fashion in general) I think of a neutral palette with a hint of simple color, laid back styles, effortless hair, delicate lace, hats, and maybe even a dash of ribbon. Imagination is a key component of my fashion and style process, so whether it is dressing for an occasion or place it's all about a vision. Thus, with my thoughts in my head I set out to create an ensemble worthy of exploring the French Countryside and my closet did not disappoint! 

I pulled out my elegant lace blouse from StyleWe for another appearance (see it here) on the blog and decided to pair it with this simple and comfortable skirt from Forever 21 with the most handy front pockets you have ever seen. Then of course it was obvious that a neck scarf was needed along with a boater hat for a more "country feel". I even opted for a different and extremely simple hairstyle (really I was just lazy that day) of a side braid and ribbon which totally reminded me of something Daphnie would wear, and also it's a blue ribbon which just seems so elegant. I pulled out my thrifted Old Navy clogs for the first time (they are literally the most amazing shoes) and love how they went with the entire vision. Of course, no spring look inspired by the French countryside is complete without flowers and I am all about these yellow and lavender blooms!  

Even though I haven't traveled to all (or any) of the countries I talk about, it is always interesting to realize that I take a lot of my style inspiration from them. So often I find myself looking in the mirror and thinking "I belong in England today" or "Goodness me, I look like a French girl" (point in case) and then it just makes me smile knowing my dreams of traveling abroad already influence me so much right where I am:) I say it ALL THE TIME, but fashion and personal style truly do have the power and magic to transport you to a different place! 

Are you a fan of French style?
What is a country or place that inspires you?



  1. Such an adorable outfit! Love the Anne Shirley vibe. :)

  2. Thanks Abbey! Your so right about the Anne Shirley vibes:)

  3. Just lovely Madison!! I completely agree with Abby, you definitely remind me of Anne!!๐Ÿ‘’๐ŸŒท๐Ÿ’—

  4. You sure did pull everything together so very nicely! Love the splash of color in your scarf and bouquet of flowers:) Stephanie

  5. That outfit is gorgeous and so Anne Shirley. You look so lovely wearing that outfit. It really becomes you. Thanks for sharing.

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  8. Such cute pictures! That may not be the french countryside, but it's a gorgeous location :)


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