Recent Faves Pt. 9

Monday, January 23, 2017

It seems like FOREVER since I have done a faves post, which is kind of good because that means I have been posting a lot of style posts, but on the flip side it also means I have been busy and haven't been saving my favorite links, posts, products, etc. lately. Thus, here is a quick FAVORITES post to share with you all the fabulous posts, videos, styles, people, products, and books that I have been swooning over lately. Grab yourself a hot cup of joe and get reading!

    • GUYS....Jenny's recent video talking about her Instagram Secrets is so AMAZING! 
    • Really loving this simple winter look from OLIVIA.
    • Beautiful libraries, old books, and book printed dresses YES PLEASE! Totally want to visit this Library that Rebecca took pictures in:)
    • The dress in this look is sooooo dreamy I seriously can't even handle it!
    • Carrie over on Wish Wish Wish shared all of the details from her beautiful wedding that is straight out of a fairytale.
    • Chrisy's deep thoughts and encouraging words in one of her latest posts were so inspiring! 
    • Chalkfulloflove's new collection is perfect as ever!
    • I NEED this mug you guys! 
    • Recently found this book at Marshall's for a steal and am totally IN LOVE with it so far! 
    • if you haven't seen LaLaLand YOU NEED TO GO SEE IT RIGHT NOW! While you are waiting though go listen to the soundtrack because it is to die for!
    • Lastly.....just finished the ENTIRE Selection Series before my semester started back (i.e. read 5 books in under 2 weeks...) and it was sooooo AMAZING!

Have you come across any of my favorites of your own?
What are you loving right now?



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