Post-Christmas Snapshots

Monday, December 26, 2016


 This Christmas season truly has FLOWN by, just like it sadly does every year; but alas even in its ending it still holds many memories and continuations of past traditions that as always make it my FAVORITE time of the year! 

I have tried to savor every moment of this season by capturing it in pictures, baking cookies, throwing parties, wearing Christmas sweaters & all the red I can get my hands on, sitting by the fire, sipping cocoa, watching MANY Hallmark Christmas movies, staring at sparkling lights, wrapping presents in pretty paper, eating more sweets than I care to admit, and humming (more often singing) along to my favorite carols and Christmas songs.

We had a wonderful Christmas with our family. Our biggest Christmas celebration is always on Christmas Eve with my Dad's side of the family. This year we did something a little different.....instead of our typical Christmas dinner we had a HUGE breakfast spread for dinner! My Paw Paw's (my dad's dad who is 97) favorite meal is breakfast so we decided to serve that this Christmas Eve. With that, we all decided to wear matching pajamas by family since we were eating breakfast, which was extra fun and comfortable. After we ate,  we opened gifts, played white elephant, and then went on to play our traditional Bingo game on all the retro bingo cards we have collected over the years.

Christmas day we drove home to have our own family Christmas and then we headed out later that evening to drive down to Galveston to stay with my Grandparents in a condo for a few days. After that we will then head home for a day and then it is off to camp at our family farm for New Years.

I know the rest of this month will fly by, so I am trying to soak in the last bit of 2016 and the December season. However, I have decided that I might just drag out Christmas for a few more days in January.....

How was your Christmas?
What was your favorite memory from Christmas?



  1. So much beauty and festive cheer! Thanks a bunch for sharing. :) And *high five* for Hallmark movies! They are literally one of my "Favorite Things".

  2. Oh my goodness I love your photos so much!!!

  3. Those pictures are spectacular. I love your record featuring Connie Frances. I enjoy her songs,too. Wishing you and yours a blessed 2017.
    Marilyn and family

  4. You have some very fond memories of family and Christmas that you will cherish for a long time. I love how you take your time and enjoy wrapping gifts so festive and a personal touch of happiness. I'm glad you are able to savor this Christmas season. Being with our family laughing and enjoying each other giving gifts that mean so much to each of us. Thank you for sharing:) Stephanie