Festive In Plaid

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Dress: c/o Gamiss
Sweater: Wallmart
Tights: Target
Socks: Kohls
Boots: Target
Purse: Sam Moon
Brooch: Thrifted

I feel like I am slightly obsessed with festive fashion this Christmas season! Somehow every day when I wake up and reach for something to wear I always gravitate towards a Christmas sweater, plaid prints, Christmas print leggings (for around the house), holiday broaches (cats wearing Santa hats is a bonus), fuzzy Christmas socks, or forever something in the color red. Maybe its that this time of year makes me extra happy to dress up, or that I really do LOVE Christmas that much (which is true), but I think it also stems from the fact that Christmas passes so quickly each year that I wish to savor every moment like a Christmas cookie melting in my mouth. 

This dress has been the perfect Christmas staple because of its plaid print and red color. It is one of those staple dresses that is not only a classic cut, but easy to layer over different sweaters, collard blouses, and tights. I can't help but feel festive every time I slip it on and this ensemble was no exception. My dream is to find a green turtle neck jumper to wear under this dress to make it EXTRA "Christmasy" but sadly I have yet to find one. Thus, I settled for a red and grey color scheme with this look and I quote love how it turned out. 

The day that these pictures were taken was the weekend after my birthday which just so happened to be a weekend spent catching up with all of my good friends. We decided we needed to have a mini photo shoot and document our reunion since it had been nearly a year since were were all last together at one time. However, apart from the joy of seeing them all again and spending time together I can't get over how perfectly our group picture captures all of our different personalities and styles so effortlessly! They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and the picture of us all speaks volumes as to who each one of us uniquely is. 

Do you love festive Christmas fashion/styles?
What is you favorite festive staple?



  1. This post is simply splendid! Those group shots are great ones indeed.:)

  2. Oh! And as for your question... I LOVE it! I think classy warm red and grey sweaters are my fave, but I like pretty much anything merry and sparkly.:)

  3. Group shoots with friends are so special! I love them because you have the fun of shooting pictures together, but then the memories preserved in the shots ♥

  4. The dress is beautiful, Madison! I have a Christmas sweater that I really love. It's grey with the word LOVE on it and the "o" is a Christmas ball. I always start wearing it on the 1st of December, it's become a tradition so I guess that's my festive staple :)


  5. I agree that dressing for Christmas embraces this season with festivity and holiday joy! I love what you said about that! I love to rock green solids and glittery gold around the holidays, but red lipstick is a must! It makes any look festive.

  6. Such a fun photo shoot! You look so lovely in every pose:) I like wearing Christmas leggings with skirts and sweaters along with boot toppers for a layered look with my boots.Love your hair, such a pretty smile:) Stephanie

  7. That plaid jumper is gorgeous.

  8. Such a fun dress! I really like how it looks with the gray sweater. The picyure with your friends is sweet. :)

  9. The Picture Looked Really Nice