Cozy + Coffee

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Jeans: Thrifted
Shirt: Faded Glory
Sweater: c/o TOBI
Mug: Marshalls
Glasses: c/o Firmo

I have come to realize how much I rely on the weekends for creating blog content. Since the semester started, the weekends have become the time that I get all of my photos for the coming week taken care of and start planing out posts. Sadly, the past two weekends I was either home with my family or traveling on a road trip, and while you would think that I still would have found time to take pictures I didn't. Thus, my absence from the blog was sadly a result of that an I am now counting down the days to till weekend when I can get back into the swing of things again!

It's crazy when life gets busy and I realize how much I have neglected the blog and fallen away from my timely blog schedule that I faithfully had going at the beginning of the semester. In those moments of business I find myself missing this special space and all of you who grace each post with your time and comments! Sadly, I have realized that when life gets busy and content is lacking I develop a loss of enthusiasm and inspiration for posting. So often blogging is all I want to do, but when life gets busy it is often the one thing I keep pushing aside, forgetting that it is always something that rejuvenates me and fills me with inspiration to keep going and pushing through even when life might get hard.

I think that's why it is so important to cling to somewhat of a schedule when life gets busy, because even when things feel like they are falling apart at the scenes there are always those constants that help you regain a since of composure on life. My go to constants when life gets crazy are always a good cup of fact each day starts off 100% better when I start off with a cup of coffee followed by time spent in the word all warm and cozy in a chunky sweater.....there is just something so simple and comforting about those three things:)

Furthermore, the lack of "true" fall weather in my neck of the woods has set me into a state of gloomy disengagement from fashion and has made getting dressed every day a slight struggle. I always want to reach for sweaters and wear all of the cozy clothes that make me so giddy with fall fever, yet am forced to choose more "summery" pieces day in and day out! Its quite hard when you have an idea in your head but in reality its not quite seems to take a tad bit of excitement out of you. That is probably another reason for the lack of posts as all the outfit and post ideas in my head, center around fall but are logically not feasible with my weather....Thus, here's to hoping "true" fall will arrive soon and more posts will appear on the blog!

Do you ever feel at a loss when it comes to blogging?
Does the weather ever diminish your excitement?



  1. I completely understand how you feel. This happens to most of us. I try to be as organized as possible as a blogger. I plan posts ahead of time but there are days when it's impossible to do blog-related things. Even though I'm passionate about blogging, I have a full time job which has to be my priority. There's also family time I can't skip because of the blog. I have so many responsibilities I sometimes forget I have a life...

  2. Oh, I have my days that I don't feel like my blog posts are up to snuff, but for better or for worse, I put a blog post up anyway. :) Some things just have to be done. :)


  3. YES to all of this!! I touched on this a little bit in my new post but I definitely rely on my weekends for blogging. Sometime I even forgo having a social life to work, work, work on my blog. And the weather is really getting me down.... it was 86 here today! I'm ready for tights, sweaters and beanies!! I thought I was feeling really inspired by my blog because we had a few days of cooler weather and now it's just back to heat... It makes me so unmotivated to go take photos.

    Lee -