"Friday Night In" Essentials

Friday, September 9, 2016

Do you ever say to yourself "I need some ME time"? I find myself saying this ever so often. Sometimes amidst the chaos and business of life we need to take moments to clear our schedule, clear our mind, and just relax! To be honest, as an Introvert I spend so much time by myself, but even though I am by myself (just me myself and I) I am usually busy doing homework, running errands, or getting something accomplished that requires brain power. While I love being busy and doing things that are useful, there are so many times that I can get overwhelmed doing the daily chores of life that I need to take a step back and RELAX! 

How do I do this?

I have a party of ONE (uno.....just me), I call this my Friday Night In (which is basically every Friday)! For the most part I usually think of Friday nights being the day of the week that people get together and do things, go out to eat, go on dates, etc....For the average every day person that is usually the case, unless you go to college where I do and then Thursdays are the night everyone goes out (and then they all skip their Friday classes). However, I never go out on Thursday night, and typically I allot my Friday evening to be my own personal "me time." This entails a number of fabulous, pretty girly, and relaxing things that we all need to enjoy and take advantage of from time to time......

#1- Facemask
I would have to say that a Facemask is #1 on the list because you can't get any more girl or pampered than that! I typically use a face mask for more than just pampering, but to cleanse my pores. Recently I discovered the Shea Moisture African Black Soap Clarifying Mud Mask and I have to say that out of all the masks I have tried this one knocks it out of the park! It moisturizes your skin instead of stripping all of the natural oils from it and it is so light that it doesn't even feel like you have a face mask on. Plus, an added bonus is that it actually has helped my skin clear up. 
#2- Ice cream/Gelato
Seriously, what is a girls night or Friday night in without icecream???? Noticeably I like Gelato too (when I feel like splurging) but most days its just the simple ole ice cream pint that I go for in a flavor like chocolate, coffee, or mint chocolate chip. Full transparency.....pints are great because they fit in my freezer......that is until I am ready to eat it and then it is ALL gone in all one sitting! 
#3- Nail Polish
You have to EMBRACE the stereotypical act of painting your nails on a girls night in! Truly, painting your nails is so much fun, soothing, and girly (until you mess up a nail and smudge the paint and have to start all over again). I am totally in love with this Blush pink shade of polish from the Wet n Wild gel nail polish collection!
#4- Something To Watch
What is a Friday night in without a good movie or TV show? While my interests range from action, investigation, to period dramas, and chick flicks, I have to say that chick flicks (a good cheesy, predictable, and sappy one) always win the battle when trying to decide what to watch. I have compiled a list of my go to films for a Friday Night In.

  • Letters To Juliet: Ugh....like such a good movie! Typical? Yes. Chick Flick? Yes. Basically your all around perfect girly movie complete with accents, delicious food, slight drama, Italian countrysides, true love, and happily ever afters. 
  • Pride & Prejudice: Who hasn't seen this movie? Yes, I know there are some of you who don't like the 2 hour version, but to be honest it is perfect for a Friday night in. The soundtrack is TOO DIE FOR, Collin Firth plays Mr. Darcy, the characters truly are perfectly cast, and over all it is a classic love story that I will never get tired of. 
  • Austenland: Ok, where are my Jane Austen fans? Did any of you memorize the first 3 chapters of Pride and Prejudice when you were 13? Well I have to say that this movie is one I will always come back to because not only does it have a wonderfully dramatic, funny, and typical plot, but it basically shows us how CRAZY our obsession with Jane Austen and period dramas can become and I am always left laughing at the sheer perfection and hilarity of the movie and characters. If you haven't see it (watch the trailer HERE) you definitely NEED to put it on the list for your next movie night. 
  • Leap Year: I don't think any of us will raise a complaint at a movie based in Ireland, especially when it stars Matthew Goode and Amy Adams! Typical girl has a boyfriend, girl meets a guy, girl falls for guy, guy falls for girl, but girl goes back to boyfriend now turned fiance, realizes he is not the one, breaks off the engagement, goes back to other guy, proposes to him, then he proposes to her, they get married and live happily ever after! Irish accents and mishap travel plans, I would say that this movie is fantastic!
  • Gilmore Girls: Definitely the best girly TV show of all times! Perfect to watch by yourself, with your bestie, or with your sister. I am actually working through it for a second time and it is just as good if not better the second time! Plus....I might watch it to feel better about my COFFEE OBSESSION (#shedrinksmorecoffeethanagilmore......not really)?!?!? If you haven't seen it, now is your chance to binge watch it all before November 25th when the FINAL season comes out!!! (who is counting down the days and planning a watch party complete with chinese takeout, pizza, twizzlers, and all the other good junk food???) 

#5- Cozy Blanket
Yes, I realize that it is the summer and sweltering hot outside in most places, but inside my room it is FREEZING half the time! Like, sweat pants, fuzzy socks, and sweaters kind of freezing! Therefore a cozy blanket is a definite essential for a Friday night spent in. Besides the fact that it will keep you warm and cozy, I also feel like a blanket triggers something in your brain that causes you to relax?
#6- Comfy Clothes (preferably pajamas & fuzzy socks)
Like I said above, my room is freezing, so I am always wearing fuzzy socks. Whenever I am in my room, typically though, I usually change straight into comfortable clothes. Therefore, when taking a Friday night in it is imperative that you pull out a cute pair of pajamas or even an old pair that is super comfortable, throw them on, an hop in bed or on the couch!
#7- Hot Tea when you want to relax or wind down, or just 
because :)
We already have ice cream, but sometimes you need a warm drink to set your body into a relaxed mode. There is truly nothing like tea that sooths you straight to the soul! My go to tea flavors  are a cup of peppermint tea with a spoonful of honey, plain chamomile, lavender chamomile, or a sleepy time tea.

Do you ever have a Friday Night In for a party of ONE?
What are your Friday Night Essentials?
Any fun plans for tonight?


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  1. I'm an introvert and my job as a nurse is so people focused that I really need to block out me time in my schedule! I still live at home with my big family, so sometimes that is hard to do! I LOVE Jane Austen!! I just finished re-reading Pride and Prejudice and I want to watch the movie again but I have only seen the BBC version. I actually had a few close friends over for a Jane Austen themed birthday party this summer and it was so much fun!