June Plans

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Is it really June already??? I can't believe the year is nearly half over....it seems like just yesterday it was the start of 2016, yet somehow life seems to fly by with each passing year and at times that makes me sad. June 1st means I have two months and eight days till I have to move back to school and trust me when I say those days will be filled and busy trying to get in everything I can before life gets crazy again as a college student. 

Well, June is here and summer is also here in Texas with sweltering heat and mosquitos.....not to mention the great downpour of rain that almost threatened to carry us away in the floods this past week! Unfortunately, my first couple of weeks in June are already pretty busy but I am hoping to still get a number of things done. However, for now here is a breakdown of my June Plans:

1) This week, on Thursday morning at 10:00 am is the kickoff day for the weekly summer Bible study, DESTINY, that I am leading at my house for girls 15 and up. If you want to know a little more about it you can visit the website Here!
2) This coming Monday my family is going to the beach for the day which means I will be bringing a book and lathering on the sunscreen...hehe...
3) My mother, brother, sister, and I will be working the nursery part of our Church's Vacation Bible School next week so that will keep me busy for most of the day. 
4) June 11th is the first of four weddings we have this summer so we will be off to my mom's cousins wedding. 
5) The second week in June is the dance camp I teach up at church! This is the third year that we have done dance camp and I love the opportunity because it gives me a change to catch up with all of my dance girls whom I am no longer able to teach during the school year due to college. Therefore, I will be busy choreographing a dance and combos. 
6) June 18th is the second wedding of the summer so off to Dallas we shall go! 
7) The week after dance camp I will be gone for 7 days house sitting for a friend.....fingers crossed I discover some new locations for pictures during those 7 days, 
8) Oh, and most importantly (though I am not entirely thrilled) I am taking an online summer class in June so most of my time will probably be directed towards reading and projects of that. 
9) I am also hoping to cook more this summer as I desperately miss that aspect of college life......and by cooking I mostly mean baking......lol!

June Projects: 
1) Brigee Pattern's "Linden Lady Palazzo Pants" 
2) Nautical themed pink and navy dress
3) Black and white checkered top
4) Denim Jumper dress! 

What are some of your June Plans? 
Do you have any sewing or crafting projects planned for June? 



  1. Madison, you have some awesome plans - that DESTINY alone sounds very, very exciting! Is this a program you created yourself? I love all the varied types of involvement you have - family; faith; vacation! Looking forward to lots of pictures :)

  2. What an awesomely fun, exciting month you have planned. I hope that everything goes swimmingly for you, dear gal.

    Big hugs & joyful June wishes,
    ♥ Jessica