//Casual & Comfy// Fight The New Drug

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Jeans: Thrifted (Levi's)
Flannel: Old Navy 
Shoes: Converse 
**Pictures by me**

Happy Saturday afternoon! I am at it again with a new Casual & Comfy post featuring this super BOLD shirt from Fight The New Drug. I have to be honest in saying that the message of this shirt is one of the boldest things I have worn, but the message of the movement is necessary! If you have never heard of this organization they work to raise awareness about the harmful affects of pornography that bombard our society. Rather than simply looking at the issue from a social, religious, or political standpoint their focus is presenting porn as a harmful public health issue. 

In a world whose morals are daily crumbling and where healthy relationships and love are sacrificed for physical relationships and desires the issue of pornography is a daily battle. The affects of pornography not only ruin relationships, lifestyles, and Love but it significantly affects the Brain....there is an entire science behind it and that is what Fight The New Drug is all about! Not only does pornography lead to issues in ones own life and health but it is often directly linked to sex trafficking and exploitation (which is a topic I am passionate about). Therefore the people behind Fight The New Drug travel around the country repping the movement and sharing the science behind pornographys harmful affects. 

 To learn more about Fight The New Drug and the harmful affects of porn visit there site HERE.

This post was not sponsored by Fight The New Drug. All views are my own and I received no reimbursement. 

Have you ever heard about Fight The New Drug movement? 
Do you think this is a health issue in our society?



  1. So good Madison! And that last photo is fierce! :)
    I was just getting coffee with a friend who had just gotten a shirt from this organization!

    1. Thank you Lauren! That is so cool that your friend just got a shirt from FTND too!

  2. LOVE this so much. This is such a needed message!

  3. I love how modestly you wear your jeans! So encouraging.

  4. Hello Madison,
    You are looking very nice in this picture. I saw your fight against porn. It can damage our normal life. Thank you for your nice sharing. Hope you published your next article soon.

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