Spring Dungarees

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Dungarees: Forever21
Blouse: Thrifted (hand me down from mom)
Sunnies: Charming Charlies
Shoes: Charlotte Ruse 
**Pictures by me & Betsy my camera**

I feel like it hasn't even been spring for very long, at least not here in Texas! Somehow we are already reaching 80 degree days, but that just means summer is fast approaching! For me however, that means that there is only one more week in the semester....this next week is finals week and then it time to cue the confetti, put on some music, and grab a pint of ice cream in celebration because summer break is just around the corner.  

Anywho......if any of you follow me on social media you have probably seen some behind the scenes pictures from this shoot last Saturday and most of you have also already seen the pieces in this ensemble. I must admit that I am a bit obsessed with this combo and thus have already worn it a number of times (including last weeks Hairstyle Post). However, this time I bring you the look styled for spring in its natural habitat of leafy green trees and wild flowers. 

Even since the beginning of spring I have been swooning over the dungaree styles and fashions! I had been looking all over for a pair but most of them were a bit to much out of my price range (even though they were the cutest!). Nonetheless, while shopping at the outlet mall a few weeks ago I came across this pair and snagged them up. I must admit that while I am completely in love with this style which honestly takes me back to my youth, I do think its quite funny how these particular dungarees are a distressed style.......I have never worn or owned a pair of distressed/ripped jeans in my life but somehow these work. 

Truly, I don't think you will ever realize how comfortable and easy going dungarees are until you have tried a pair on for yourself:) They are not restricting like regular jeans (at least not this loose pair) and they are just sooooo fun to wear! It's like embracing your inner kid:) Besides, the best part is that they can be dressed up or down. 

I chose to pair this flowy floral blouse with my dungarees because not only is the floral pattern unique, but it gave off a air of ease, and a slight boho vibe. I then paired my black t-strap sandals with them, put on some pink lipstick and grabbed my flora heart sunnies.......the perfect spring ensemble for a sunny Saturday. 

I think the best part about last Saturday was finding a bed of wild flowers while walking to the abandoned houses that I wanted to take pictures at. I can assure you that after finding the bed of wild flowers there was not a bud left that I hadn't picked to brighten my day, and the best part is that there were white daisies which are my all time favorite!! Thus, the flowers, paired with the blouse, and paired with the floral heart shades made for a perfect and fun spring ensemble. 

Do you like the dungaree styles?
Do you think you will try dungarees out/have you already?
What is your favorite wild flower?



  1. Very cute + fun look! Great snaps, too - the gentle, crisp light at work in them is beautiful!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Hello Madison! After viewing these charming photos I have been doing some searching to find out the difference between dungarees and overalls. Would you mind telling me what the difference is? Very cute! And I do think the distressed ones look classy, very great on you!

    1. Honestly dungarees and overalls are interchangeable or mean the same thing. I know from a style standpoint more people currently refer to them as dungarees:)

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