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Saturday, February 6, 2016

New writing project.....yay!!
I take pictures of flowers at the grocery store :)
Never to much lipstick!!
FRIDAYS when class is online #coffee #comfy 
So this is my new FAVORITE nail style!!! 
Rosie...insert heart eyes :) <3

Well.....it looks like this past week was so busy I didn't get in a real post. I was planning on doing a post about my room up at college, but maybe that will get done this next week. However, I was wanting to post something so I thought I would throw together some recent pictures from Instagram  and or from my iPod history and write a little something today. 
I was able to come home this weekend which is always a nice break from being up at school working and doing homework. I always miss sitting around the table with my family as we tell funny stories and laugh our heads off, or when my sister and I have a movie night and nail painting party....those are the good times. Apart from that I really miss my cat Rosie (above) when I am up at school #crazycatlady! 
Aside from that, lately life has really just been focused on school and carrying out my duties as a Resident Adviser at college. I am still getting into the swing of school and mid terms are already creeping up....ahhh! I will say though, that I have resolved to try and organize my life more smoothly so that I have time for reading books and writing. Yes.....one of the pictures above (with the yellow legal pad) is a new project I am working on and I have soooooo many ideas for it....eehh :) I must say that I have become really addicted to books as of late....not that I have actually read or should I say finished any lately but I do have 3 books on their way in the mail. That is what happens when you start following a few bookish people on Instagram who have libraries in their room and post the cutest pictures of their latest reads and all because of that you end up ordering three books that all of them seem to be reading.....LOL! 
When I am not working, or doing homework, reading, writing, or blogging you will find me watching the latest episodes of all my favorite shows which include: Arrow, The Flash, Super Girl, Agent Carter, Blue Blood, and in March Agents of Shield (seriously can't wait till this comes back). 
Well....I suppose that it all I have for now, but hopefully a post will be coming this next week with a tour around my room at college or maybe something even a little Valentines Day....who knows. I hope that everyone has a splendid weekend. 

P.S. If you ever want to know what I am up to when I am not blogging and sharing about my life on the blog, you can always head on over to my Instagram @oldfashionedgirl where I LOVE planning and posting way to many pictures:)

Do you follow any bookish people on Instagram?

What have you been up to recently?



  1. I AM IN LOVE WITH YOUR INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT!!!!!! It is so beautiful and unique and happy!!! It really made me happier just to stalk you a bit, but your grace shines forth so that I didn't envy or compare myself to you, such a blessing!

    1. Awe...thank you!! I do like to stalk people too sometimes:) Thank you for the sweet words!

  2. Hello! I've been awarded with the Liebster Award again, and I really enjoy your blog, so I thought, if you'd like, I could tag you (I thought I'd ask before because some people don't really do awards & tags & the such). If your okay with that I will let you know when I publish the post. And I saw you put a picture of Anne of Avonlea up there...all those covers are so beautiful.
    Thank you so very much & God Bless,

    1. How cool!! I love doing posts with award tags, but I have actually already been awarded the Liebster award so I don't know if I should do it again:) But thank you for thinking of me!!

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