You Are Not Alone

Friday, January 29, 2016

Blouse & Skirt: Minnie's Menagerie
Belt: Minnie's Menagerie
Shoes: Old Navy
Lipstick: Rimmel London "Kate" 05
Nail Polish: Revlon gel Color Stay "All Or Nothing" 
Well hello dear readers, I am back on the blog this week once again.....yay! (Now, lets see if I can keep this up throughout the semester.....) I have been thinking recently about blogging. Why I have a blog, why it is so important to me, and why I am so intrigued and inspired by other bloggers. 
In the process of thinking about this topic I realized something very important, and that is this:
For most of us, blogging isn't something we do just because we have time. Blogging is a part of us, and for some it is more important than it is for others. We all blog for a specific reason, and we as people are all unique in our own our own style, fashion, likes and dislikes, but most importantly in our personalities. For those like me, blogging is so important because it gives us an outlet to put our self out there for others to is a way to share who we are, talk, meet new people, and be exactly who we want without worrying about physically having to get out. Now, that might sound a bit strange, but just hear me out! 

Okay, so to put this in perspective for you, I am an Introvert in the broadest since of the word. Furthermore, my personality type makes up less tan 1% of people in the world as an INFJ. With that being said, blogging is important to me because it has become a part of me in the since that I can share my style, loves, hobbies, and thoughts with people who might share in some of the same things as I do.....but I am able to do this through writing! For me, it is so much easier to write about how I feel and the things I love rather than talking about them, though with the right people this does comes easily. 

Therefore, when it comes to other bloggers I have discovered that many of them are just like me! Yes...most of us as bloggers have cats (we might be on the verge of crazy cat ladies), love tea, coffee, taking, pictures, and writing, but that all comes with the territory of being a blogger and is part of our stereotype....we all share in those same things. Yet, I have discovered that the bloggers whom I can connect with the most when reading their post and hearing about their life, are those bloggers who are "Just Like Me"! The bloggers who are Introverts themselves, and very likely INFJ's or a personality similar to those. 

Sometimes I can feel like I am so alone in the world. Okay.....well not alone like I do not have any friends, for I am blessed by a close group of friends who I love dearly, but none of them are like me at all!! Thus, I sometimes feel like I am alone in the world in the since that there is "no one else like me." To be honest, I have never met someone who has the same personality type as me (wait....I take that back, one of my teachers said she is an INFJ...but still). When this is the case, it is easy to feel like you will never connect with anyone who shares in the same struggles as you, but just when I thought this was the case I discovered a hand full of bloggers who are ALL Introverts themselves and a few of them are even INFJ's. It was crazy to see just how much I can connect with those bloggers when reading their posts....when scanning the words on the screen I always feel as if I am reading a part of my life because I find myself nodding in agreement and exclaiming "That is exactly how I feel!!" 

So here is the thing in all this that I have said.....YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! If you are like me, quiet, Introverted, sometimes shy, don't like meeting new people (at least not in person always), would rather stay in your room with a book or a movie than go out with people, than take heart that I can TOTALLY RELATE to how you feel!! Even if you are not like me in your personality, always know that even when you feel like you are alone there are people out there in the world just like you and they know what you are going through. 
Therefore, I have realized these last couple of weeks that blogging is more than just taking pictures and writing a is a part of me and I now understand why so many other bloggers whom I have grown to love share in my same personality type.......for people like us, blogging is so much more and will forever be a part of the people we are!

**If you are curious as to your personality, you can take the quiz HERE!**

Are you an Introvert like me?

What is your personality type? 

Do you ever feel alone?

Do you have a favorite blogger whom you can relate to?


Nod To The 70's

Thursday, January 21, 2016

When your nail polish color matches your lips:)
Sweater & Skirt: Goodwill
Tights: Target
Boots: Xapparel
Belt: sisters
Nail Polish: Rimmel London 60 second (505)
Lipstick: Rimmel London "Provocalips" (230 Kiss Fatal) & Moisture Renew 207

If anyone says "Blogging Withdrawal" is not a thing they are wrong! Yes, I have been blogging, but not in the capacity that I prefer of sharing outfits with you all. If any of you remember from last week, my Instagram post here where I shared my Goodwill hall.....well I finally got around to taking pictures in the ensemble I bought from that day!! Yay! 
Funny story (and not so funny....but that part would take to long) is that I was planning on taking these pictures last Saturday with more of a 60's vibe of bouffant hair, a headband, curls, and loafers. Needless to say even though I got up that morning and pampered for the shoot the day ended up being not the greatest and ended with me watching Netflix in pajamas on my bead with full makeup and hair.....but sometimes that's just how life is!
I can't help but look at this sweater, skirt, and booties and think of Lauren from Someone Like You whose style lately has got me so inspired to delve more into the 60's and 70's realm of vintage, like she did in this post. Furthermore, with my hair the way it was for this look I was struck by how much it mirrors something I would find Alexandria wearing over at Larkspur Vintage because her style is to die for as well! 
With all this being said I must say I am quite liking the whole late 60's early 70's look. I never thought myself much of a fan for wearing styles from these eras, or usually didn't even try because of my long legs (hehe), but these pieces perfectly captured the essence of those decades while still keeping it classy. 
Originally I hadn't even planned or pictured wearing tights with this skirt but when I was getting ready this morning I had a revelation and quickly ran to my closet and pulled out my mustard tights (you know I am a sucker for that color), and boy was I thrilled that the color matched perfectly!! Plus wearing tights added a little warmth for the changing temperature swings we are currently experiencing here:) 
All in all I think this look or variations of it just might be a recurring theme for the next couple of months...that is until it gets warm. However, for not I am totally up for trying something new and different than my norm and this definitely fits the bill. 
Until next time dear readers!!

What do you think of this combo?

Have you tried a 70's style before?


4 Lazy Day Styles

Friday, January 15, 2016

Lets start with a story shall all started this cheery Friday morning as I sat up in bed. I looked at my clock and realized i had slept past my alarm (turns out the volume was down). Then I started planning out what I would get done before I had class....thinking that class wasn't until 2:00 pm. Then it dawned on me....class was at 10:00 am and it was almost 9:00 am!!! My mind immediately jumped into "get ready as fast as you can without looking like you just got out of bed" mode and I started scrambling around my room!!! 
Needless to say I ended up going to class wearing a comfy oversized sweater (yesterdays Goodwill find), skinny jeans, combat boots, red lipstick, and a felt hat to top it off since I didn't have time to do my hair. However, that got me thinking about what I can easily do with my hair in a short amount of time or when in a rush and I came up with these four choices: 
pin it, spout it, knot it, or top it. 

I call this "pin it" and it is easy peasy and looks great for most any occasion. All you have to do is pin a small section of hair back on each side. This style is very similar to a half-up but looks a lot more put together. I have been wearing this style quite frequently the last couple of weeks and love how it lets me wear my hair down straight, natural, or curly without it being in my face. 
This style is what I call "spout it" as it looks quite like a whale spout! Now, I will admit that I don't wear this style as often as I do others, but for those of you who like something a little more modern and edgy this would be perfect! Just pull a small section of hair on top of your head and secure it with a hair tie. After you have secured it with the hair tie make sure to pull your hair tight and give the "spout" some volume . 
Number 3 is what we all know as the "top knot." This style is my go to on lazy days when I don't want to do anything with my hair. Oddly though, while top knots often looks easy to secure, it often takes me at least five tries and a few bobby pins to get it right. However, I will say that since my hair is shorter now I have found it much easier to execute. 
Lastly, we have the easiest and my current favorite Lazy Day style...."top it" off with a hat! We always see people who throw on a ball cap when they are having a bad hair day or don't have time to do their hair, but throwing on a felt hat is extra Chic! I will say that this look is a current trend in fashion and style throughout the magazines.....I don't see it as often on campus (more ball caps), but when your ensemble consists of something a little more trendy than a tshirt and jeans than a felt hat is the way to go:)

Therefore, the next time you find yourself crunched for time or only having 45 minutes to get ready for class these are 4 easy options that will work with most hair type and length for a quick, easy, and chic hairstyle. 

Are any of these styles ones you have tried before?

Which one would you wear most?


Mustard & Meetups

Saturday, January 9, 2016

 Hello again dear readers and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
Well.....I promised outfit pictures from our family trip to Branson, sadly I captured only one outfit that is blog worthy (picture wise). However, as much as I truly did love the combination of this ensemble there was something even more exciting than the outfit that day.....a blogger meetup (can you guess who it is?)

I must say that is was quite lovely leave the somewhat sweltering state of Texas in December as the weather was 80 degrees and traveling a couple of states up to Branson Missouri to enjoy 30 and 40 degree weather (I will not complain about the cold for I had been missing it). This was my first trip to Branson Missouri and boy was it such fun! Apart from the quaint downtown shopping district with all the ever lovely antique shops and flea markets we also went to a number of shows and visited the Titanic Museum.
For those of you who are not familiar with Branson Missouri, it is a lovely vacation and tourist spot (most often filled with a number of older adults and retired coupled). However, Branson is most known for its shows ranging from grand productions of Bible stories to musical concerts to country jamborees. While there we attended the Baldknobbers show, The Haygoods, the Titanic Exhibit, visited Silver Dollar City and while there saw a fabulous musical production of "It's A Wonderful Life." We were in Branson through Christmas and returned back on the 1st. Then it was back off to college for me on the 6th as I had RA training.

Sweater: Target
Skirt: Thrifted
Tights: Old Navy
Socks: Five Below
Shoes: Thrifted
Coat: Thrifted (Forever 21)
Scarf: Target
Belt: Thrifted
Gloves: a gift
 Okay, enough about my trip and on to the exciting part of this post, my blogger meet up! 
A few days before we left for Branson I posted a picture on Instagram and mentioned I would be traveling to Branson Missouri. As a result of that post Emileigh of Flashback Summer contacted me and said that if I had any free time we should totally meet up. I was so thrilled to hear from her and immediately began to figure out a time and place we could meet up and visit. 
On Wednesday we went to visit the HUGE Bass Pro in Springfield Missouri, which just so happens to be in the same town that Emileigh lives in, and she was able to meet me there. 

It has definitely been wonderful meeting so many wonderful ladies through the "blogsphere" but it is not every day that you are actually able to meet them in person. Therefore it was such a treat to meet Emileigh face to face and visit with her about life, blogging, vintage, and sewing! We talked for a good two hours over coffee and hot cocoa and I must say it was so delightfully different to discuss my passions for vintage, sewing, and blogging with someone who understands what I am talking about and shares the same passions as well. We both expressed our disappointment that there were not more vintage loving and wearing people where we both lived, which made our meet up extra exciting:) 
Emileigh is truly a delightful person and so wonderful to talk to. I loved hearing all about how she started her blog, the places around Springfield where she has found vintage treasures, and also about her upcoming sewing projects. The day was definitely well spent. However, we couldn't leave without snapping a few pictures around Bass Pro...hehe:)

While at Bass Pro you might as well pose with the stuffed Bear:)
Can we just take a moment to say how amazing Emileigh's ensemble is!!! She dressed perfectly vintage for visiting Bass Pro and I must say I might be inclined to copy her sometime:) She totally rocks head scarves! 

All in all our trip was great and the cold was definitely enjoyed even if we froze some days:) However, getting to meet up with Emileigh was definitely a wonderful experience and I am so glad the blogger meet up worked out for both of us:)

Have you ever done a blogger meet up?

Have you ever visited Branson?