Thursday, September 3, 2015

Fall is just around the corner and college is back into full swing. This was my first full week of classes and I am still getting used to my new schedule as well as figuring out when to get all my homework finished. Nonetheless, good news.....I have wifi now!!! Hurray!!! That is not to say that I won't be visiting the coffee shop to write up a post now and then, but for now its back to enjoying the comfort of my bed:)
Therefore, in honor of school starting up again here is a little something scholarly inspired!

On campus all of the old original collage buildings are still standing and those are some of my favorite sites when walking to class (You can see some pictures I have shared before on the blog Here). However, this week I thought I would take the opportunity to snap a few pics in front of the old library, which really is a charming building with a huge red door and stained glass window. 

Blouse: Garage Sale (Columbia)//Skirt: Forever 21//Belt: Vintage
//Shoes: Payless//Bag: Hollister (old)
Lets talk about my outfit shall we? For those of you who happened to read my latest post in which I answered a series of questions, one of them asked what the last thing I had purchased was? If you remember my answer I had said it was two of the same skirt from Forever 21 (which aka, is a "Fast Fashion" industry as learned from my Apparel Production class). Well, this is one of those skirts (the other one is black)! I couldn't help falling in love with these skirts because my first thought was "I really need some solid colored skirts for fall" and two "Oh my is this 1940's perfection." I absolutely fell in love with the big front pockets, comfortable waste and as the fabric nerd I now am I might have thought it interesting that they were a Lyocell/Cotton/Spandex blend:) I have definitely been getting my wear out of them so far. 

All in all this ensemble was fairly comfortable and casual. This top is one of my favorites because I love the style and it is the cutest color and weave of Seersuckeer. To top off this 1940's inspired look I added one of my favorite braided belts and my oxford ballet flats. Of course I can't forget the book bag because, well....I need it for class and it adds to the whole scholarly affect :) hehe...

As for my hair, I have been trying out new things and this is one style that is super easy, fairly quick, and for the most part can pass as vintage. All you do is take two french braids, put them in a pony tail and then put them in a french tuck. Super easy! When I have morning classes and need something quick but exciting (rather than straight hair) this is my current go to style! 

And of course I can't end the post without sharing my new favorite nail polish color! With fall just around the corner I was all for finding a nice maroon polish and when I was shopping at the mall this past weekend with my sister we found this perfect maroon color (and of course my sister loved it because she is an Aggie fan!). It is an L.A. Colors gel nail polish. I have always been a fan of this brand but when I saw they had gel nail polish I was even more excited. I have started using gel nail polishes now because they will last at least 3-4 days for me (for some reason I am hard on my nails) which is an accomplishment none the less:) 

In closing I just have to say I can't wait for fall!!!!! It is my ALL TIME FAVORITE SEASON.......with cool breezes, rustling golden leaves, crisp mornings echoing the choruses of birds and the scent of the season passing through the air (you know what I mean). I have been dreaming of sweaters, wool skirts, and even planning on what new lipstick shades I need to get for the upcoming season. Transitioning into fall is definitely something to look forward to as a fashion lover and even as a blogger. I know many of you have already been talking about how you will be transitioning and it is always so fun to read those posts. 

Well, that is all for now lovely readers. I hope for those of you who are in school that your semester has been great so far!! Also, don't forget about Series II of Confessions of a Fashion Blogger that will be hitting the blog this fall. You can participate in this series by leaving questions for me and topic ideas!!! If you want to contribute to this series you can head on over to the announcement post Here.....or you can leave a comment on this post (just make sure to label it for the series). 
Until next week!

How has your semester been going this fall?

Have you ever bought two of the same thing?

Has your mind been swimming with ideas for your fall transition?


  1. Oh my goodness, I love this outfit! It's adorable. I don't really wear vintage, but I love the 40's and I would TOTALLY wear this!!!
    I've been plotting my fall transitions as well, although I'm sad that summer is ending- I love it!!
    Grace Anne //

    1. So glad you liked it Grace! This ensble is definitely only a tad bit 40's so it works for anyone wanting to dress vintage who normally doesn't :)

  2. This outfit is so charming Madison! Your blouse and skirt are quite enviable, I must say.


    the Middle Sister and Singer

  3. Lovely outfit! I can certainly sympathize with the busyness of getting back into the school schedule and finding time to do homework. The style of your skirt is quite a bit similar to a grey, high-waisted skirt I picked up at GoodWill last weekend. I am super excited about it, because, like you, I've been on the look out for some cute solid colored skirts for fall.

    1. Thank you! So exciting about your skirt:) I have definitely been on the lookout for solid skirts to add to my fall wardrobe, I really need more versatile pieces.

  4. This is adorable, and totally perfect for college! I struggled for a bit in putting together vintage outfits that were comfy, easy, and had a quick 'do to go along with it. This is all of those!

  5. I definitely need to try out this hairstyle, super cute!

  6. I love the simplicity and utter class of this look! A wonderful combination of separates for effortlessly vintage-inspired. Perfect <3


  7. Oh, how I adore this outfit! So classy and perfect for fall! Your hairstyle looks lovely as well, I'll have to try it out sometime soon! :)


  8. Classic, absolutely lovely back to school outfit. It reminds me of what the college ladies were often photographed sporting in features for magazines like Life back in the forties.

    ♥ Jessica

  9. I love your outfit!! It is so vintage-like!
    And your hair is gorgeous!!