//Beauty Parlor// 30's-40's Updo

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Maybe it's the summer or maybe it's me, but I have been obsessed with donning and creating new vintage hairstyles to wear. I used to do simple and easy things with my hair but now my outlook is "Go big or go home" (in a totally not proud way). I guess its just that hair is such an important part of a vintage ensemble? If you wear a perfectly vintage outfit but just wear your hair in a ponytail or straight, it takes away from the uniqueness of wearing vintage. Therefore, if you really want to feel like you stepped out of time than by all means throw your hair up into something fabulous!! 
Evidently you have already studied the header for this post and discovered that I have a new Blog Series that will be hitting the blog every once and awhile...YAY!!! This series is all about the "Beauty Parlor" so I will  focus on hair, maybe a little makeup, nails, and possibly a few facials here and there! I am sooo excited to share this series with you all, so without further ado lets get started.....

The backbone to every vintage hairstyle are the basic tools of course. Then there is the "Oh so important" hairspray! Now, I have had my fair share of going through different hairsprays so in  the above picture are my Top 3 picks in order of their abilities and performance. If you find a good hairspray that does what you want it to, your hairstyle is bound to hold and stay longer. Then of course you need bobby pins, a brush, and a teasing comb to get volume and hold. 
The hairstyle featured today is what I would assume to be a mid 30's to early 40's updo. I tend to think of the 30's when I see this hairstyle, however I have also seen it used in the 40's. Interestingly, this hairstyle was the result of a failed attempt to pin curl my hair (lets just say I need practice). Nonetheless, the slightly curly hair did not go to waste as I decided to try re-pin curling it on top of my head! I started with putting my hair in a high pony tail and left my long curly bangs out in front. Then I re-pin curled my hair around my pony tail as well as my bangs on the very top of my head. I was thoroughly surprised with the results:) I added a flower to the style and headed off to work, mind you I felt like I had truly stepped out of a different time (that is what a good hairstyle will do for you). 


Will I attempt this hairstyle again? Most definitely, but only if my hair is curly. It definitely took more time than other styles but the results were worth it. If I wanted to, I could have even left it in till the next day and then taken it down to have curls? I do however need to work on my fly away's, but I think I can fix those by using setting lotion. 
I hope you lovely readers enjoyed this Beauty Parlor post and wish to see more like them! 
Cheerio until next week!!!

Have you ever attempted a hairstyle similar to this?

How do you manage fly away's and frizz?

Do you want to see more Beauty Parlor posts?


  1. Nice up do, similar to the poodle but with the curls flattened at the crown. A very effective look on you. It is very elegant indeed!

  2. Fabulous hair style dear!
    I'm SUPER excited as well to see more of this series!

    the elder sister

  3. Absolutely beautiful hairstyle. I love the volume and size of the curls. This style is breathtaking on you, dear gal.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. I love the curly hairstyle with the red dress. It really draws attention to her. This outfit makes her look sophisticated and sexy at the same time. Along with her curly hair I also love the bold lip color she has to match the dress. I enjoy your OOTD blog posts. It helps me decide what kind of things I should wear.

    Renee May @ Virgin Hair Fixx

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