Current Obsession

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Spring is here and in my neck of the woods it looks like summer is fast approaching. However, with rainy days like today it makes me want sunshine, flowers, and color. 
Every year there always seem to be those colors that are in fashion for the season and while it is interesting to see what colors make it through I am always one to discover my own colors :) Thus, is why I am currently "obsessed" with crisp cool Lavender and cheery sunshiny yellow! These colors might be my current shades due to the dress I blogged about last week, which had splashes of lavender and yellow, but in general I adore these colors at this time of year.

Lavender Blues

Lavender Blues by oldfashionedgirl 

While I will say I want a lavender dress and lavender accessories I will say that lavender anything is delightful. You can find the herb in pots, soap, cleaning spray, candles, oils, pretty much anything and just a quick waft of its delicate aroma makes everything better:) Oh, and can I just maybe buy some lavender lipstick? I don't know if I would even wear it (I might? Maybe in a photoshoot) but it is just so very pretty and unique.

Now, for yellow that is a no brainer for this time of year, with the sunshine, lemonade, and the current fad of Pineapples (which I am kind of a fan of). Seriously, my sister and I went shopping last week and we found pineapple shirts, wallets, sunglasses, and blouses ever where we turned....evidently it is the spring print? Of course we can never go wrong with yellow because it is such a cheery color and we see it every day thanks to the sun! Oh, and let us not forget about those cool glasses of tart lemonade that trickle down our parched throats in the summer heat. 
Lemon Time

Lemon Time by oldfashionedgirl 

Wheather it is daisy centers, sunflowers, lemons, pineapples, etc. yellow is a spring/summer favorite of mine! I have always been a fan of the "Mustard Yellow" by a cheery sunny yellow is just what I need to brighten my fact I just purchased a darling yellow purse that I will be sharing later this week (it is so perfect)!

Well, that is all for today, but I hope these colors cheered you up and got you excited for all the beauty of the season!

What are some of your favorite spring/summer colors?

Have you noticed the pineapple fad?

Do you like lavender and yellow?


  1. I love pineapples too. :-) They make such gorgeous patterns and their shapes are so exotic!

    I personally don't really like wearing yellow - it doesn't suit me at all - but you; oh my, you wear yellow so well. And lavender is a beautiful colour!!!

    1. I know, Pineapples are great! I used to think yellow didn't look good on me, but then I had a yellow formal dress one year (which made me look like Belle) and I actually pulled off the color:)

    2. I actually thought the same thing and I realized that I can wear any color except coral/peach.

  2. Splendidly lovely hues! I like the sweetness of the purple and the warm-your-heart vibrancy of the yellow. This spring I've really been feeling all shades of blue and peach, which coincidentally (in relation to this comment, I mean) combined in my latest outfit post. Really, it was just a matter a time before they did! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  3. I love mint and pink in my warm weather wardrobe. I am actually trying really hard to get some yellows and purples into my wardrobe because the blue and pink hues seem to have taken over!!

  4. I actually used to not like yellow, but after buying some yellow vintage material that was just too good to pass up, I was sort of forced into liking it. :) But it is now slowly starting to become one of my close-to-favorite colors. :D Lavender is such a calming color. And that lavender dress is GORGEOUS! I love the delicate net.


    the Middle Sister and Singer

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