//Spring Break// 1947

Friday, March 13, 2015

Well.....here it is....a week off of school or for me at least this week is my spring break! In honor of a week off of school and the fabulous years of the 40's-50's here is a post (mainly pictures) of how those young people back in the day spent their spring break.

Have you realized how degraded spring break has become in today's world??? It is so sad to see that people have a negative mindset when it comes to how people spend their spring break. Now being at college I have realized even more the changes in our society. These views of how young people spend their breaks are plastered over magazines and in the plots of Hollywood movies; encouraging and accepting this behavior. It was so crazy to see just how real this lifestyle is when you are at college and see posters all over campus encouraging students to be safe and make good decisions. It is even worse when you hear people mentioning how they will be spending their break. 

Back in the day however, it was a different story!! Spring break back in 1947 was spent by young people at the beach....soaking up the sun, boat racing, dancing to the latest hits, and hosting beauty pageants. When the sun set things were just as special....with glowing, crackling bonfires and portable radios cranking out tunes of the day. 
Spring break was something to remember!

All photos are from an article I ran across here on Time.com in LIFE.

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