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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Well dear readers, It has been a little to long for my taste since I have been able to write a real post, so here is a little something "different" for you today. I have decided to start a series of posts titled "Life as I Live It," and will focus on a variety of topics.
I thought I would take the time and write something other than an outfit post :) These pictures are back from my graduation shoot but I guess I chose to share them today because they show the side of me that likes to be different. Now, that might sound strange and you are probably be wondering "How on earth do these pictures show how you are different?" Well, lets just say it has to do with this dress...partially at least....:)

Dress: Vintage (A Blast From The Past)
How does this dress tie into my post today? Well, first of all, this dress was a unique find at a fabulous store called "A Blast From The Past." Now, when I was perusing there store I was not looking for anything in particular but when I found this dress I fell in love....and right away I knew where I would wear it. I wore it to our Prom that year, so you can guess how this dress fits in with my post today:) Was anyone else there wearing a dress like me, um, no!!! I was definitely different but that is always what I go for!! 
I have been to my fair share of homeschool homecomings and prom over the years and each time I seized the opportunity to wear something completely old fashioned and different. Why? Because I have always been different, in more ways than one. Yes, as Christians we are called to be different and stand out, but sometimes we can start to blend in more than we ought. Thus, when given the opportunity to stand out and be noticed for my differences I am always a fan!

Homecomming 2012
Dress: Vintage

This brings me to the part of my post were I will talk about one of my convictions or views on a certain topic or area of my life. Therefore, here is a peak today into my views on the subject of being different through modesty.
First of all, I must say that my standards of modesty are probably different than some of you, but that is not to say that I do not hold modesty as a high standard (my mom actually just did a modesty talk for a group on Tuesday). I have always worn clothes that were appropriate and approved by my parents, while always dressing by my own personal convictions as well. 

There are definitely a wide range of modesty standards that I am sure all of you can attest to living by and each of us lives by different views, but as a whole we do it for a reason. The world has so degraded the way that it tells us to dress and sometimes people dress that way because they honesty do not know any better. However, modesty isn't necessarily dressing to cover ourselves, but more so to guard the eyes and hearts of guys that are around us. We do not want guys to be tempted when they see us because we know that every person we come into contact with is the future spouse of someone else. Thus, we should be dressing for our future husbands and to guard the hearts of others future husbands.

"Modesty isn't about the dress code, it is an attitude of the Heart."

Being modest in a modern world is being different! Realize that you will be noticed as someone who goes against the "status quo." You might sometimes be questioned, made fun of, or laughed at, but it is our calling from our Heavenly Father to clothe ourselves with modest of the heart and body. 
People think that if they dress the way the world tells them too that they will be noticed, but have you ever stopped to think that dressing against what the world says will make you noticed? Not noticed in a bad way, but noticed for being different, going against the flow and standing out!! When you are different people will notice you for the reasons you are different and because of this we have a greater impact on those around us!

Take the stand and BE DIFFERENT!!!


Don't forget about my Q&A video coming next week, so leave a comment with questions you would like me to answer!!


  1. Simply wonderful, my dear Madison! Your words warmed my heart so, in finding a kindred spirit in this issue of our culture today! Thank you so much for sharing! You make me more addicted to your blog with each post ;)


    1. Oh, thank you, I am so glad you liked it Charlotte:)!

  2. Wonderful post! And both those dresses are so pretty and unique! I love the green one especially. I'm on the look out for a vintage formal dress like that for our school's Spring Banquet, and would love to find something like that!

    1. Oh, yes, the green dress is one of my all time faves!!

  3. Such a lovely post! Thank you so much Madison!

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  4. My views on modesty have shifted a lot over the last couple years, but it is still a priority to me. I'm glad you embrace being different!

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