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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Happy Tuesday dear readers! Some of you might be enjoying gorgeous weather right now and for others ,like myself, might be bundled up inside waiting out the frigid cold (which I really don't mind). Due to this, and the fact that I probably will not get around to posting any outfits this week, I thought I would take the time and put out a Q&A post for you all to comment on!!
I know a lot of bloggers have been doing Q&A videos lately (and I am not trying to copy you) but like many of them have said (and I whole heartedly agree) that Q&A videos allow you to interact with the them on a more personal level rather than through pictures and post every week. And for me personally, I absolutely LOVE to watch the Q&A videos by the bloggers I follow!

So let's begin!!!!! Leave a comment below and ask me your questions. 
Here are a few ideas for questions you could steal and ask me :) :) :)

Do you have any favorite wed series?

If you could only read one book (excluding the obvious choice, the Bible) for the rest of your life what would it be?

What is your favorite part about starting Minnie Muse?

Who is your favorite author (past and present)?

Those are just a few examples of some questions, but I am sure you lovely readers have questions of your own!!! I can't wait to see what you ask me!!!

I am planning on filming the Q&A video the week of spring break (March 9-14th) so make sure to check the blog around that time or follow me on Instagram for the update!!


  1. Alrighty! I have my questions:

    What is your absolute FAVORITE item from Minnie's Menagerie?
    What are you studying at college?
    Who is your biggest role model?
    What is your favorite food?
    What is the funniest/strangest thing that has ever happened to you?

    And just because I do want to know the answers to the questions you listed above:
    What is your favorite part about starting Minnie Muse?
    Who is your favorite author (past and present)?


    the Middle Sister and Singer

  2. Ooo, fun idea! Here's some questions for you then. :)

    1) Do you have a favorite music group from a vintage era?
    2) Do you collect anything? (i.e. vintage dishes, teacups...)
    3) What is your favorite color to wear?
    4) What is your favorite book of the Bible, and why?

    Looking forward to the video!

  3. Ok, here we go :)

    *I'm really interested in the q Brigi asked about Minnie's Menagerie :)
    *What's your testimony?
    *What is your absolute most favorite anything ever?
    *Guilty pleasure?


  4. Love q&a videos!!

    If you could have one selfless wish and one selfish one what would they be?

  5. What is your favorite season?
    Do you have a dream vacation?
    Which do you prefer, skirts or dresses?

    Looking forward to the video!

  6. Thank you so much for your encouragement!!! You are the first person to comment on my writing style, so thank you for that also :)
    - Madison