Hidden Places & Nippy Air

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Well dear readers, I am sure you all have been waiting for me to finally post one of my recent ensembles, I know I myself in particular have been waiting and wanting to do this too!! Well, today you are in luck (if that is what you would call it). While a busy schedule and cold wet weather have been two factor keeping me from posting, there are a couple other factors as well. For one, I had to first muster up enough courage to go and take pictures on campus, which has taken a few days, or weeks, because I didn't want random people walking by and thinking "why is that girl dressed so weird posing in front of a camera out in this weather??" Yeah, that's what I was wondering too!! (hehe). No seriously, there are always people walking across campus (why wouldn't there be?), and the town that I am in is always so busy I would have to drive around for awhile to find a nice spot to actually take pictures (which I never did). Thus, I finally told myself that I didn't have a choice, as you lovely readers have waited long enough and I REALLY needed to post (plus I was having withdrawls from not being able to take pictures). 

Of course, everything always has a way of working itself out. As I was contemplating where to take pictures, I found the most perfectest (not sure if that's a word) of spots. There is a place on campus that has steps going down into this indention with a tree and a path, and well, it was perfect!! Not only because of the beautiful old brick walls, but the fact that it was down in the ground and I am somewhat hidden from people passing by.

Oh, and did I mention there was a simply enchanting archway (picture up above) which was completely inspiring for the imagination ( boy do I sound like Anne right now). But enough with the perfect picture spot, and on to what you really want to see, what I wore today!
Trench Coat: Forever 21
If you couldn't tell by the lighting in the pictures and the fact that I am wearing a jacket and rain boots, it was a dreary day. Apart from being misty and rainy this morning, it was also cold, thus I didn't feel much like taking the time in wearing something cute, so I quickly grabbed my high wasted jeans, a stripped shirt, sweater, rain boots, and a trench coat from my closet. I was meeting a friend for a quick lunch, so I decided to do something easy with my hair and tied on a bandanna. My thrown together ensemble ended up being a 1940's land girl inspired look, which I was happy to oblige you lovely's with today:)

Sweater: Kohl's (forever ago)
Boots: WallyWorld (Walmart)
Shirt: Thrifted (Vintage); Belt: Thrifted; Jeans: Thrifted (Ropers)
I must say that I absolutely love what I wore today! Well, for one, these are my favorite pair of jeans (even if my brother and sister make fun of me every time I wear them) because they are for one, comfortable and two because they are high wasted and make almost anything look vintage. Then again, it was also fun to wear as I hiked up and down the many stairs on campus exploring to find the perfect picture spot!!

Oh, and I found LEAVES!!! I know, not too exciting, but at this time of year there are not many fall looking leaves left, but I found some and was so excited that I just had to take a picture with one.

Like I said at the beginning, the spot I found to take pictures had this arched walkway which went around a corner to a set of stairs. Well, to me it was kind of enchanting (I like using that word for some reason) and so I had to explore where it led. 

Nail Polish: Sinful Colors - Hip To Be Square

While I am at it and since I was already taking pictures on campus today, I thought you all might like to see some pictures of campus, so here they are:

My FAVORITE building on campus!!
Looking down on my dorm

My dorm, built in the 1930's, so perfect for me!!!

Well dear readers, that is all I have but I think that was definitely what I needed to fill my blogging with drawls and I am sure it is exactly what you all needed after my absence of not having posted an updated ensemble!! I hope your side of life is dry and not to terribly cold, but if it is, you might as well enjoy the perfect opportunity to curl up with a cup of tea and a good book!

What do you like to do on cold and rainy days?

Have you ever found an "enchanting" picture place?


  1. Wow, your campus is REALLY nice! Way to still make effort to look good on such an icky day!

    1. Thank you Emileigh!! Yes, Sam Houston is a really nice campus, especially with all of the old brick buildings:)

  2. I know what you mean about not really having the motivation to dress up a whole lot on a dreary day. That has happened to me several times. But! Your outfit is so cute and vintage. You definitely got the Land Girl vibe going.

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  3. Beautiful photos, love your outfit too.
    Looks so warm and cozy!
    Look forward to your future posts-I'm new.
    A modest fashion blog: