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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Well dear readers, I finally found time to escape this past week (during the Monday holiday) and snap some pictures for a post. It has definitely been awhile since I was able to share an actual outfit post, and I have missed it terribly, so here it FINALLY is!!! 
I will have to warn you all in advance that this post might really be full of "ramblings," as I would choose to call them, for sometimes when I have a lot of random things to say I ramble in my writing. However, while some might see it a sporadic and unorganized writing, it is my favorite type and always manages to make since to me (or maybe just in my head), so hopefully you will be able to follow :)

Okay, so enough with the forewarnings and introductions to this post, and here's to moving forward with everything I wanted to write about. First on the list of topics for today is the fact that my camera is finally cooperating with taking pictures of me (with the self timer). The last few times I took pictures for a post all my shots came out blurry, but thankfully I was able to get the camera situation all sorted out, so I am happy!!

I am truly envious of all the bloggers who have sisters who blog along with them, or simply have siblings or a friend who likes to take pictures (LUCKY). I do have a brother and a sister, but I might as well take my own pictures rather than talk them into helping me. And yes, I do have some friends who love taking pictures, but to try and fit our schedules together is sometimes not even worth it (no offence). On that note, I have to say that I might have finally/somewhat mastered the "art" (if that is what you call it) or taking self portraits. YAY!!

Quite honestly, while taking pictures of yourself can be challenging at times, what with the tripod, self timer, lighting, etc. it really can be fun. Sometimes, I actually have more confidence with pictures when it is just me in front of the camera.

Sweater: Hand me Down :)
I suppose I should talk briefly about my ensemble for this post, so here it goes. This skirt is one of my all time favorites, and I really don't know why?? Maybe it is because I love the shade of blue and the small specks of yellow in the pattern (that are really unique). I tend to usually wear this skirt with a powder blue shirt and cream sweater, but for this shoot I decided to pare one of my grandmothers 1950's blouses with the skirt. This proved to be quite rewarding, for I love the style of the blouse, with the raised neckline and sleeves that are not separate pieces, for the blouse is only made up of a front and back. Plus, it is almost a mustard yellow which is one of my favorite colors to wear. 

Okay, so now for what I really wanted to write about today, which has nothing to really do with this outfit at all, but I thought it would be something you readers would possibly enjoy? 
Have you ever received compliments on your ensembles or had people tell you how much they love your style? I don't have this happen all the time, but it always happens when I least expect it. For example, yesterday I received three complements on what I was wearing, which was a very simple red sweater with a black and white checked skirt. However, the thing I found most unique about the three comments I received, was that the first comment was from a guy. Now, who knows why he complemented me on my outfit, but I honestly think (not trying to be proud or anything here) that he found it so unique that a college girl would be wearing something so modest and tasteful (because you don't often see that). No matter what many girls say or believe, guys really do like it when a girl dresses modestly, and when a guy complements you I believe (in most cases) it is because he really appreciates your standards of dress. 

Skirt: Thrifted, Vintage (Prophecy); Shirt: Minnie's Menagerie 
On the flip side of this, I know that most other people complement me because I dress so opposite of the ordinary human. Now, let me clarify that by no means do I dress the way I do to see how many compliments I will receive. I choose to dress this way because it is most comfortable for me, it makes me feel confident, and I love wearing clothes with a story. However, back to what I was saying before, I always just have to smile when someone tells me that they love what I am wearing, especially all of the ladies at that come into tearoom, because I am sure they find it refreshing and different.

Shoes: Thrifted (Bass)
Necklace: Grandmothers 
If you can't tell, this is a Selfie, but it was the only way to get a slightly decent head shot:)

What trouble have you run into when taking pictures?

How do you feel about getting compliments?


  1. Such a lovely photographs, you look stunning!
    Your smile brings some warmth to this rainy and cold Belgium.

    xoxo Emma

  2. Oh heavens, I haven't the slightest idea if my comment went through or not! Fiddlesticks! :P

    Anyhow, what I wanted to say was this:
    I love your outfit, and what you said about compliments! I remember one time, the girls and I went into a J. Crew outlet store, and two older ladies came up to us and complimented us on our classy dress, and asked where we were from. A little confused at the question, and how it related to our outfits, we stated our (tiny) hometown (the one that NOBODY knows about), and the ladies moved on. Mom later informed us girls that they probably meant what we were from (like a play, magazine, or something), and then it made total sense, ha ;) Anyhow, all that to say, isn't it fun that we can brighten up a part of somebody else's day just by something as small (yet as great) as the way we present & hold ourselves in public?


    1. Your comment did go through Charlotte! Thanks for sharing your story and giving your input, I love hearing about other people's experiences. And you are totally right about what you stated towards the end about brightening up someone's day by how we carry ourselves:)

  3. I love your outfit! Yellow is such a stunning colour and you rock it ;)
    Cute photos~


  4. Such a pretty color combination! I love that blouse - it's so unique.


    1. Thanks so much Anna!! That blouse is definitely one of my faves, but then again it was my grandmothers which makes it a must!!!

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