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Friday, January 23, 2015

Well dear readers, what a treat for both of us that I get to post two times in two days!!! Thankfully I don't have that much work for my classes yet and I was simply dying to share with all of you my beauty regime (not that it is all that exciting). However, I find that I enjoy reading the post other bloggers publish talking about their beauty routine and the products they use, so here is my post on the subject. Lets take a minute for some "face time" and a peak into my makeup bag.

My Face & Skin Routine:

1) Clinique Foaming Sonic Facial Soup (w/ sonic face brush)
2) Clinique Acne Solution Cleansing Foam (w/ face brush)
3) Clinique Clarifying Lotion (toner w/ cotton ball)
4) Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel (AMAZING)
5) Clinique Acne Solutions Clinical (Silicylic Acid)
First let me start at the beginning and at the most important part of my routine, my skin. Now, before I begin I must tell you all that I have very problematic skin! Ugh!! But alas, most of us do, so I deal with it as best I can. I have always struggled with acne prone skin, sometimes having clear months and sometimes fighting a never ending battle. For years I have tried many different treatments from proactive and prescription topical creams, but I recently started using a Clinique system specially tailored to my skin type. 

Now, before I go any further, please hear me when I say that I am not discrediting the other treatments I have used, because they did work fairly well for me, but they simply were not the best for my skin; after all everyone's skin is different and those products might very well work wonders for you. 
Skin is fickle and there are many factors that contribute to breakouts, weather it be not drinking enough water, hormones, stress, or those sweet treats (CHOCOLATE) that cause a battle to erupt. When I went to the Clinique counter to get a makeover, the wonderful lady (who had a fabulous accent) told me that my breakouts are caused more by stress and hormones, rather than an actual acne problem due to the fact that I only break out on the sides of my face and chin. Well, that was interesting and surprising to hear!!! The crazy thing is that I don't feel stressed, but I know that with school and other factors of life, stress (though I don't notice it) is quite possibly a contributing factor. 

Thankfully, I was able to create a routine to fit my skin type. So far I am loving my new routine! While my face has not completely cleared up (but then again college just started), my skin itself feels AMAZING! I had realized over past couple of years, that the general health of my skin had suffered due to the constant use of face medicine. However, now that I have started using Clinique (especially the moisturizer) I no longer have dry skin and I also have less oil. Yay!!! 

In My Makeup Bag:

Foundations and Powders: Clinique
Lashes: L'real Original Voluminous Black/Brown
Cheeks: e.l.f Contouring Blush & Bronzer or Mary Kay Strawberry Cream Blush
Lips: eos Mint, Burt's Bees Cherry, or Clinique Chubby Stick baby tint 03 Budding Blossom

Now for the fun part, a peak inside my makeup bag!!! While I am usually a cheapo when it comes to makeup (I hate spending a fortune on it) my mom just recently treated me to some good base makeup (which I kinda needed). Thus, I have started using Clinique makeup products for my foundation. After all, foundation is the first thing that goes on your skin (if you choose to use it in your routine) and you really want something that is beneficial to your face. Thankfully Clinique has an Anti-Blemish Solutions liquid makeup that I use for the base and touch up problem areas with a concealer (which you can get for acne too). These products definitely look better on your skin as well as last longer which is a plus! 

When it comes to everything else in my makeup bag, you will not find anything over $10! For blush, I really love pinks but most often I wear the e.l.f. blush that comes with a bronzer. If I want to go more for a pink shimmer, I usually fall back on my Mary Kay Strawberry Cream blush that I  have had forever. Mascara, I use the original  L'oreal but in black/brown. This is the mascara my mom has always used and I really love it (plus it is a reasonable price). Lips wise, I tend to wear chap stick most often and don't even bother with lipstick, so my go to chap stick is eos mint (I love mint chap stick). I also really love the eos coconut milk as well (it tastes so good, hehe). However, if I am feeling like I need a little color for my lips I like to use a light pink Clinique Chubby Stick for a subtle color and Burt's Bees Cherry for that red vintage look (oh, and the red Burt's Bees is mint of course!!). 

Oh, and I plum forgot about eyeshadow!!! I tend to be super simple when it comes to this, most often throwing on some tan sparkles, pink shadow, or the Clinique sample I got of Strawberry Fudge (which my sister wears daily). When I want to have a little fun, I will use browns and tans blended together and occasionally (when I feel extra bold and vintage) I will swipe on a quick cat eyeliner (though I haven't quite mastered the quick part). 

All in all, I tend to be fairly simple and repetitive when it comes to my makeup and some days I choose to wear less than others depending upon how much time I have and where I am going. 

Well lovely readers, that is it for my beauty regime. I hope you enjoyed reading about the different products I use. Until next time!!

What products are your favorite in your routine?

Do you use any of the same products as me?


  1. Your makeup products sound pretty similar to what I typically use Madison. Just browns and pinks (or copper colors for me). I occasionally will experiment with other colors, but those are mainly what I fall back on. I have never thought of trying Clinique. I may have to look into it...


    the Middle Sister and Singer

    1. Those colors seem to go with everything, and oh yes, I love wearing copper colors as well!
      You should definitely look into Clinique sometime, or at least try some samples to see how you like it:)

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