A Mod Treasure

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hello dear readers! Well, I guess you can tell it is cold where; I mean it is FREEZING, RIGIDLY COLD!!! No, not really, in fact we have not had any weather below 60 for the past couple of weeks which is slightly depressing since there are what, nine days till Christmas. Apart from the somewhat dreary and unmagical weather we have been experiencing, you would have thought that with this Christmas break I would be posting all the time, however, here I am, posting only the second time since this semester ended. Evidently, my life is still busy during the holidays, and blogging still ends up getting put on the back burner. However, her is a post that I am excited about, all because of these MARVELOUS "Every Opportunity Pants" in Burgundy that just arrived from Modcloth!
Pants: Every Opportunity Pants from Modcloth; Sweater: Minnie's Menagerie; Necklace: Claire's (ages ago); Head Scarf: Home made
Don't you just love these pants!? I bought them a few weeks ago when Modcloth was having a sale on some of their fabulous pieces and I was fortunate enough to grab these for a great deal. I absolutely adore Modcloth, unfortunately, I only have bought three pieces from them since I can never bring myself to spend a large sum of money on one piece of clothing (though it would be well worth it) when I know I could save it for something else. Nevertheless, my three pieces from Modcloth are some of my favorite treasures (and I might just do a post sometime about them). If you happen to fall in love with these pants, you can hurry on over to Modcloth and grab them for yourself before they are gone http://www.modcloth.com/shop/pants/every-opportunity-pants-in-burgundy
Did I mention they are on SALE!!

While I had plans of taking some wonderful pictures to capture this ensemble today, time went by fast and the light quickly faded, forcing me to snap these pictures in my grandparents backyard. On top of the unplanned setting for the picture and the dark lighting, my camera many times refuses to take clear pictures on a self timer, so I guess I need to invest in a hand held shutter button. Still figuring out how to take good picture of myself, and you would think that with a good camera it would be a breeze, but sometimes cameras can have a mind of their own. 

Enough with my ramblings. However, I need to take about these pants! Okay, so you probably already established the fact that I love these pants, and that they are amazing, and perfect, and from Modcloth, and so on and so forth. Now, why are they amazing? I am a Huge fan of high waisted pants, buttons, and sailor styles, and these pants were perfectly a combination of all. The color is very unique but oddly matches a number of tops in my ever growing closet. Furthermore, they are of a nice flowy fabric, not to heavy and hot like other pants, which makes them versatile for every season. Secondly, I tend to wear styles form the 1940's most days and these pants were a perfect addition to my styles from that era. Oh, and did I mention that the back of the pants is actually elastic, so yes, they are very comfortable. 

Couldn't resist posting this edited pic!

I will say goodbye for now lovely readers; until next time and have a Very Merry Christmas!!


  1. Those pants are adorable! It's funny, I seem to be attracted to burgundy things lately, but it's not usually a color I love.

    I love looking at things on Modcloth too, but it's usually window shopping, unless there's a sale like this.

    1. I know, burgundy is really growing on me. And yes, Modcloth is mostly window shopping for me too:)

  2. Oh, what perfection! I do adore those pants so! Lucky you getting them on a deal :D The way you styled your new treasure is too sweet for words, too!


    1. Oh thank you so much Charlotte! I must say that I am quite enjoying your posts this week, they are wonderful!

  3. Those pants, and your whole outfit are adorable Madison! For some reason you remind me a bit of Lady Harriet from Wives and Daughters (the mini series) in some of these photos. :)

    You have a very merry Christmas too!


    the Middle Sister and Singer

    1. Thank you Brigid. I LOVE that mini series!!! I guess when I have my "serious" face on I might look a bit like Lady Harriet:)???