I Don't Golf

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Shirt- Thrifted
Sweater Vest- Target
Skirt- Forever21
Sunglasses- Forever21
Head Scarf- Garage Sale

This picture makes me think of someone who is trying to avoid the paparatzi!

                When it comes to golfing there is no doubt about it, I can admit that I am the worst golfer on earth! For that reason I have willingly accepted the position of being a driver of the gold cart; I mean seriously, who wouldn’t want to just drive around a gold course for a day (even if the gold cart doesn’t go near fast enough)?

                Last Sunday we went golfing for my Dad’s 50th birthday, and granted, while we only go golfing once or twice a year, it is usually a fun day, even if I am just a spectator. However, if I have no choice but to go along on those family outing I might as well embrace those rare golfing days to have fun in putting together a fabulous old fashioned golfing ensemble!