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Thursday, September 11, 2014

        Okay, so you might be wondering, well a lot probably? Or maybe not that much, considering that I have only posted one time so far, but I know that from my perspective, when I go to the blogs I follow (make sure to check them out on the left side) I want to get a glimpse into who that lovely blogger really truly is. Now as for my blog, there are multiple ways to do this, I could have a post consisting wholy of  Q&A questions I think you lovely readers might be wondering or want to ask me, or I could simply have a second post steryotypical of any other up and coming blogger. However, I prefer to be unordinary, different, and well, approach thing from a new side (not that this will prove to be that different from other starting bloggers). But needless to say here it goes, or at least my best shot!!!
        I guess that I should start with the "WHAT", for my blog, what first inspired me in wanting to start a blog. It was probably two years ago that I happened to stumble onto this amazing website called Modcloth (, you might have heard of it? Well lo and behold I realized how utterly FABULOUS this company was and how much I had been missing in the way of their wonderful clothes and inspiration for the vintage soul :) For those of you who are Modcloth fans you are probably asking "What was your life like without Modcloth???" :):) Honestly, Modcloth opened me up to becoming obsessed with living a vintage lifestyle and also lead me to discover some of my favorite bloggers who inspired me to start on this path (though it has taken me two years to get here). I remember when I first happened upon Modcloth, they were currently at the time participating in something called "Blogger of The Moment", in which they featured a new personal fashion blogger each moth. That blogger was given a special post on Modcloth's blog as well as having a dress designed and named after them!!! It just so happened that the "Blogger of The Moment" at the time was the lovely Kate from All This Happiness (, whose blog I absolutely adore. Once I visited her blog I fell in love with the idea of becoming a fashion blogger (and for awhile it was my dream to become a "Blogger of The Moment" one day). Then I discovered Ashley Ording with her blog Fancy Fine  (, which is another one of my favorites. This summer I emailed her with some questions about starting my blog. It was such a treat to hear her suggestions. She gave me some great advice on starting my blog, as well as helping me decide which blog name to settle on, so you might say that the birth of Minnie Muse was partly thanks to her:). 
Ever since that day two years ago, my life hasn't been the same! 

Sweater Top: Thrift Center
Skirt: Good Will
Shoes: They are actually square dance/swing dance shoes
Belt: came with a dress from Good Will

       Now, for the "WHY". Well, I LOVE fashion, especially Vintage, and I LOVE to write!!! So what better way for me to pursue two of the things I love than to start a vintage fashion blog to express my love and passion for vintage and share that love with you lovely readers! I have learned so much over these year about the world of vintage in the 21st century, and that is what I want to share. I believe that it is our duty as "vintage souls" to inspire each other in our way of dressing, to share with one another what eras we love, where we find our treasures, and what makes us continuously wake up every day ready to step into an ensemble that makes us feel like we could do anything!!

       While each of us might think that we are just plain old ordinary, or even believe that we are simply another "Average Jane", we all have the ability to be EXTRAordinary!!! So seize that power, let it inspire you to be the true you! Live every day with joy and a since of adventure knowing that you are the true you, and that when people see the way you dress, though they may think it to be a bit "odd", they know that you are someone who is confident in who they are!!! Let what you love inspire you to live a life you love!
P.S. Leave a comment and let me know what you thought about this post, as well as any ideas you have for future posts, or questions you would like me to ask me or have me answer. Oh, and make sure to check out Kate's lovely blog All This Happiness, and Ashley's blog Fancy Fine.
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