Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Merry after Christmas and a Happy almost New Year in 13.5 hours!!! I hope all of you had a splendid Christmas! Well, it has definitely been a little longer than I had wanted to post these pictures, but here it is, my record player:)

By no means is it a very fancy record player, for it is the simplest you can find, but all that matters is that it plays records. I have definitely been getting in the routine of falling upon my records for music rather than the modern devices of an ipod or iTunes! The greatest party of all this, is that I haven't bought any records yet, but I have managed to excitingly inherit all of my parents old records that they thankfully kept all these years.

I was so excited when I found out that my mom had all of these Disney records because they are AMAZING!!!!!! They are totally retro because most of them are from the 60's which makes it even better, but to have Disney on records is beyond exciting.

In addition to the Disney records, my dad went rummaging in the storage sheds back in Thorndale over Christmas and found this amazing group of Classical records from all the famous composers. Once again, storage sheds are a treasure trove of great finds!! I must admit that these are the records I have been listening to most frequently, especially Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite, which are my favorite classical pieces. 
Apart from these great records, since I inherited all of my parents collections you can imagine that I have some genres that are not all that popular in this day in age. Those range from old country to 80's records, and soundtracks from old movies I have never watched or intend to but honestly, some of them are not to bad:)

Now that I have a record player, I can just picture myself soon having a way to large collection of records, but who cares, they are better than a CD. Here I come Goodwill and Record stores!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy New Year!!!!!

A Mod Treasure

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hello dear readers! Well, I guess you can tell it is cold where; I mean it is FREEZING, RIGIDLY COLD!!! No, not really, in fact we have not had any weather below 60 for the past couple of weeks which is slightly depressing since there are what, nine days till Christmas. Apart from the somewhat dreary and unmagical weather we have been experiencing, you would have thought that with this Christmas break I would be posting all the time, however, here I am, posting only the second time since this semester ended. Evidently, my life is still busy during the holidays, and blogging still ends up getting put on the back burner. However, her is a post that I am excited about, all because of these MARVELOUS "Every Opportunity Pants" in Burgundy that just arrived from Modcloth!
Pants: Every Opportunity Pants from Modcloth; Sweater: Minnie's Menagerie; Necklace: Claire's (ages ago); Head Scarf: Home made
Don't you just love these pants!? I bought them a few weeks ago when Modcloth was having a sale on some of their fabulous pieces and I was fortunate enough to grab these for a great deal. I absolutely adore Modcloth, unfortunately, I only have bought three pieces from them since I can never bring myself to spend a large sum of money on one piece of clothing (though it would be well worth it) when I know I could save it for something else. Nevertheless, my three pieces from Modcloth are some of my favorite treasures (and I might just do a post sometime about them). If you happen to fall in love with these pants, you can hurry on over to Modcloth and grab them for yourself before they are gone http://www.modcloth.com/shop/pants/every-opportunity-pants-in-burgundy
Did I mention they are on SALE!!

While I had plans of taking some wonderful pictures to capture this ensemble today, time went by fast and the light quickly faded, forcing me to snap these pictures in my grandparents backyard. On top of the unplanned setting for the picture and the dark lighting, my camera many times refuses to take clear pictures on a self timer, so I guess I need to invest in a hand held shutter button. Still figuring out how to take good picture of myself, and you would think that with a good camera it would be a breeze, but sometimes cameras can have a mind of their own. 

Enough with my ramblings. However, I need to take about these pants! Okay, so you probably already established the fact that I love these pants, and that they are amazing, and perfect, and from Modcloth, and so on and so forth. Now, why are they amazing? I am a Huge fan of high waisted pants, buttons, and sailor styles, and these pants were perfectly a combination of all. The color is very unique but oddly matches a number of tops in my ever growing closet. Furthermore, they are of a nice flowy fabric, not to heavy and hot like other pants, which makes them versatile for every season. Secondly, I tend to wear styles form the 1940's most days and these pants were a perfect addition to my styles from that era. Oh, and did I mention that the back of the pants is actually elastic, so yes, they are very comfortable. 

Couldn't resist posting this edited pic!

I will say goodbye for now lovely readers; until next time and have a Very Merry Christmas!!

Christmas Is Almost Here

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Hello lovely readers! So as I was preparing to go to bed I decided that I wanted to snap a few pictures of my Christmas tree and then I decided I might as well share the Christmas Cheer with all of you. One of our family traditions is for me, my brother, and my sister to all have miniature Christmas trees in our rooms. Oddly, my tree is purple, which is by no means my favorite color, but I don't mind the color so long as I have a touch of Christmas in my room to enjoy:)

Ever since I was a little girl, my tradition was decorating my own tree each year. I love getting out all of my tiny ornaments each year and reminiscing about how I came about them, or who gave them to me. 

This is one of my favorite ornaments on my tree. I have probably had this ballerina for over five years, and I actually first bought it at a dollar store. The reason this ornament is my favorite probably has to do with the fact that one, it is sparkly, and two, I have been a dancer off and on my whole life and ballerina's always bring that memory back.

I LOVE this ornament because it is a CUPCAKE!!! I am a slight cupcake fanatic. Okay, maybe more than slight:) Apparently I have over 30 cupcakes in my room, since my dear friends did me the favor of counting them all last time they were over. I love baking cupcakes, and eating them, and decorating them, and buying them, and I might as well admit I have OCD (Obsessive Cupcake Disorder).

I am not sure how long I have even had this ornament? I probably received it as a gift when I was very little, but I really love how unique it is. This ornament is a miniature porcelain angel doll, and reminds me so much of a vintage ornament. 

This snowflake ornament is a new addition this year. One of my friends made and painted snowflakes for me and a few other girls she invited to a Christmas dinner and we all got to pick our favorite to take home. This was my favorite, because it was the smallest, and I loved the colors!

Last, but not least, I cannot forget about the Candy Cane! While this is not an ornament in the original since, it is the most traditional Christmas Tree decoration that has been around for centuries. I love Candy Canes because they are so fun to eat and also because they are peppermint! Plus, I grew up with some of my favorite Christmas book's being about Candy Cane's and the Candy Cane story, which will always be a found memory I will cherish forever.

I hope all of you dear readers enjoy the Christmas Season and take time to reminisce about your favorite Christmas memories!

The Turkey Is Wearing Off

Friday, December 5, 2014

Adorable oxford inspired Ballet Flats from Payless.

Meet Georgia!!

Skirt- Forever21
Cardigan- Forever21

Just a little Ballet:)

               Well, Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is just around the corner, unfortunately the weather here in Texas is quite depressing, not having been anywhere below 60 degrees for the past couple weeks. I can’t wait for the nippy weather to finally arrive so that I can bundle up and enjoy the cold while some days dreading it at the same time. Finals for college are this next week, and while I should be studying right now, I needed a break to rest my brain, and write some wordsJ.

                These pictures were taken at Thanksgiving in Thorndale (where my dad grew up). While my whole ensemble is not at all authentically vintage, I picked up this lovely skirt and sky blue sweater whilst shopping with some dear friends for my birthday a few weekends ago. And while the colors of my outfit do not match my surroundings at all, I was so excited to capture some lovely pictures of the leaves around the house, because they just made me so happy.

                Thanksgiving was great as always!! And of course my mom, sister, and I went on our traditional Black Friday shopping spree! While some people start at 12:00am, we don’t get on the road until around 6:00, and usually shop till 1:00. We found some great bargains as always, and I am so happy to have picked up a record player for my Christmas present!!!! Well, I hope all of you lovely readers have a wonderful Christmas season and enjoy the weather wherever you are!

I Don't Golf

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Shirt- Thrifted
Sweater Vest- Target
Skirt- Forever21
Sunglasses- Forever21
Head Scarf- Garage Sale

This picture makes me think of someone who is trying to avoid the paparatzi!

                When it comes to golfing there is no doubt about it, I can admit that I am the worst golfer on earth! For that reason I have willingly accepted the position of being a driver of the gold cart; I mean seriously, who wouldn’t want to just drive around a gold course for a day (even if the gold cart doesn’t go near fast enough)?

                Last Sunday we went golfing for my Dad’s 50th birthday, and granted, while we only go golfing once or twice a year, it is usually a fun day, even if I am just a spectator. However, if I have no choice but to go along on those family outing I might as well embrace those rare golfing days to have fun in putting together a fabulous old fashioned golfing ensemble!

At The Heart Of Nature

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dress: Plato's Closet (Heritage 21)
I had a simply splendid time today with the lovely Asten Davis of Jane of All Trades, as she allowed me to impose upon her photographing skills and snap some pictures (before we had class) of me for this post. I have been missing many a day of capturing my ensembles from either feeling uninspired, or not wanting to put up with the hassel of taking my own pictures. Thankfully today was different!

I cannot tell you how wonderful it was, from the "almost" fall weather, to the greenery around me, to the most perfect dress and hair, or to the BEST pictures I have had in awhile. While the rest of today might have been filled with loads of homework and preparations for dinner, it was the knowledge that I had beautiful pictures and a post to write that got me to the place I am now, sitting in a chair and stairing at the screen before me, feeling inspired. 

This picture is a bit blurry but I just pretend that it is all part of the art, especially since I love the picture to much, but then again if you squint your eyes it looks clear:)

Sweater: Minnie's Menagerie (Grandmothers) 
Now, where should I go from here? I suppose I might as well tell you dear readers about my favorite pieces from this outfit. First of all, the mustard sweater that was a treasure from my grandmother is absolutely to die for! Most people might abhor the color, but I on the other hand LOVE it, and honestly wish I could somehow wear a smidgen of it every day:) Nonetheless, it went splendidly with this dress because it just so happened that the dress had hearts that were the same color. 

Traveling now to one of my favorite dresses in my collection and such a treasure at that. I picked this dress up at a resale store we have around here called Plato's Closet (it is where college kids can bring their clothes and get a little extra cash). Normally all they have is modern styles that I do not typically wear, but every once and awhile providence has its way and I find a perfect piece. The interesting part about this dress is that it is not even vintage but gives off all the ares of a dress straight from the 40's. It is actually a Forever 21 dress from their brand Heritage 21 (which tends to sometimes be vintage). At first I was hesitant to purchase the dress because it is a sheer fabric and was missing the liner, but the dress was calling out my name and I couldn't turn a deaf ear to it's pleas. It is now one of my favorites, plus, it has colorful hearts all over the fabric which just makes me happy!:)

Apart form the perfect dress, I decided to curl my hair for the first time in awhile which made the day and  my ensemble even more inspiring. I have greatly missed that 40's look with curls and victory rolls! But whenever I have the time I am bound to seize the opportunity before it slips away or before I decide that I am to lazy to do "bandanna curls" (which are crazy super easy). 

Edited and love how it turned out!

All in all, today was quite rewarding and productive blog wise, and I hope to find the time to capture all of my fall ensembles if fall will hurry up and arrive already, but in the meantime I hope you are inspired to be yourself and enjoy the fun of being an old fashioned soul.