Thrift Flip: I Turned a Skirt Into a Dress

Friday, July 24, 2020

Dress: Goodwill Thrift Flip  |  Shoes: Wallmart (old)  |  Jacket: c/o Madewell  |  Purse: Thrifted (Fossil)

I made a dress out of a skirt!!! This project was seriously soooo much fun and I am so happy with how it turned out. If you know me, you know that I LOVE thrifting and that most of what I wear is thrifted, but recently I have been trying to stretch myself creatively, especially when it comes to thrifting and so I have decided to start doing "Thrift Flip" projects!
Basically a "Thrift Flip" project is thrifting a piece and then flipping it to be something else or a different style (I have a swimsuit thrift flip coming soon). I decided to start with an easy project after finding this skirt (see "before" above) at Goodwill (see my Thrift Haul HERE). I got this skirt because I loved how unique it was, it reminded me of something that I would find at Anthropologie or Freepeople and because it was 3 sizes larger than my typical size, I knew I would have plenty of fabric to work with and decided to turn it into a dress. 
The design process was super easy, I just removed a section of the skirt, while making sure to leave enough fabric to sill fit my waist for the skirt, and then turned the removed section into the bodice and straps. I filmed the whole design/thrift flip process so if you want to see how I did it or try a project like this for yourself, you can check it out on my YouTube & watch below:

Have you ever Thrift Flipped something?

- Madison


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