A Love Letter To London

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Dear London, 
       Thank you for making all of my "British" dreams come true and living up to all my expectations. You did not disappoint with your quintessential history and stunning architecture....walking through the streets of London was like walking within the pages of a story or period drama. You came through with the swoon worthy "British Accents" and hearing them in real life made me want to speak "Brit". Your culinary taste is impeccable and you taught me that baked goods, pastries and tea are their own food group and meant to be eaten and sipped daily. For this small town girl, you made "posh" look effortless, but I don't know if I could get away with it outside of England :) Walking in the midst of your architecture and history was living a real life dream that I didn't have to wake up from. I can't wait to visit you again! 


Okay, so maybe I went a bit overboard on my UNDYING LOVE for LONDON, but seriously, visiting London was a DREAM!!! Ever since High School I had dreampt of visiting London and the more period dramas I watched, the more I felt my heartstrings being tugged towards that historic city. While I this post is SUPER LATE in coming to the blog, considering I visited England in March of 2019 (and we are now in June of 2020) I wanted to make sure I captured my travels and shared my adventures with you all. 
At the start of 2019 I had just arrived home from my first International trip to Scotland and Paris and was fully consumed by the "travel bug", immediately dreaming of where I wanted to travel next. It just so happened that we had family who were living in Oxford England for the year and they invited my sister and I to stay with them if we made a trip to England.....that was all the push I needed to book tickets and start planning a trip to England during spring break of 2019! 
We stayed in Oxford for the first few days and then took a bus to London for the remainder of our trip to visit all the London Sights! 
London did not disappoint! And while I honestly think that Oxford was my favorite part of our England trip (and Blenheim Palace was also awesome), London has it's own unique charm that makes you love it in a different way and it's really everything you image it to be and more!!
If you have been following me for awhile, you will know that I am a HUGE period drama/British drama fan, so getting to visit the city that holds so much of the charm I have seen play out on the screen in TV and Movies was truly a dream. 
I am going to share ALL the details for what we saw, did, and ate while in London in my next post, so keep an eye out for that post coming soon!

In the meantime, you can watch my England Travel VLOG to see more:

Have you visited London?

- Madison

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