What I Learned Traveling Abroad

Monday, January 21, 2019

Sweater: Thrifted | Trousers: Target (WhoWhatWhere) | Shoes: Target 
 Jacket: Thrifted | Beret: Amazon | Purse: Gamiss

So I did a thing....I booked a trip to Scotland, I hopped on a plane, changed to another plane, flew over the Atlantic Ocean, then hopped on another plane, then arrived in a new country (actually 2)! 18 hours of travel later and 12 hours in a plane I was half way across the world(ish) in Scotland (then in Paris) ! 
I didn't realize it until I was at a family gathering and was filling in everyone on the details of my trip that I suddenly heard "Man, you are brave, I don't think I could have done it", and suddenly realized OH MY GOSH WAS I CRAZY?!?!? 
I think I just wanted to go on a grand adventure and visit Scotland and Paris sooooo badly that I didn't even think about HOW CRAZY it really was! I just booked the tickets, hopped on a plane and suddenly I was in another country. When I take a step back to look at the big picture I realize how crazy my trip was.....and how crazy it sounded  to most people when I told them that by the end of my trip I had taken 7 planes, 4 buses, 5 (or more) subways, 4 trains, and at least 6 Ubers. 
5 Years ago I would have probably passed up the chance at a trip like this all because it involved taking an airplane (an airplane over the ocean no less) and meant being very far away from the comforts of home. However, my perspective on travel and new places has changed through the last couple of years (especially after visiting New York) and I realized that if you don't do the things that scare you then you will always wonder "what if" and you will never learn the valuable lessons that come with those crazy plans (or risks) and you most definitely will loose out on learning who you are and what you are capable of. 
Maybe it was because I wanted to see other parts of the world and experience different cultures, or maybe it was because I wanted to prove to myself that I could travel internationally alone, but whatever my reason traveling abroad taught me that there is so much more that I am capable of if I am determined enough to want it! 
Sure, I still plan every detail down to the minute and make hour accurate itineraries, but I still did something crazy and it taught me that the crazy things are not as hard if it is something you love and are passionate about! 
So take that risk! Book that trip! Hop on that plane! It might seem crazy, but it will be worth it! 

When I found out that I would be visiting Paris on my trip in addition to Scotland I started brainstorming outfits. I knew that I wanted to look very "Parisian chic" and definitely used that image to create my two looks for the City of Lights! My staples were definitely plaid pants, simple sweaters, berets, boots, and a classy wool jacket. For our main day in Paris I opted for these classy high waisted plaid trousers from the Target WhoWhatWhere line, paired with a tan turtleneck sweater, black ankle boots, a caramel beret hat and cozy and classy wool jacket. Dressing like a Parisian definitely made visiting Paris even more fun. 
Of course on our first full day there I had to visit one of the most popular pictures spots in the city. It was so surreal visiting Place Du Trocadero where all of my favorite bloggers take pictures when they visit the city. It is definitely the perfect place to capture the spirit and magic of the Eiffel tower and Paris. 
I definitely went with a more native Parisian vision for my trip, but next time I visit I definitely want to go more classy glam with dresses and skirts. Paris is probably one of the funnest places I have dressed for in awhile :)


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