7 Tips To Style Denim For Fall

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Sweater: c/o Influenster+Kohls | Jeans: c/o Influenster+Kohls | Shoes: Thrifted

Sweater: c/o Influenster+Kohls | Jeans: c/o Influenster+Kohls | Boots: Target

I don't know about you but I tend to wear the most denim in the fall. Maybe it is the cooler temperatures that make me reach for my favorite pair of jeans or the fact that they are the perfect piece to style with a cozy sweater:) While I am often known as a "dress" and "skirt" girl I can't help loving a classic pair of jeans, especially after checking out all the fall styles Kohl's has this year!
When I was growing up I used to shop at Kohl's all the time with my grandmother! It has been years since I have shopped there for seasonal pieces and I am soooo glad that I decided to see what they had for this fall!
Not only did I find two styles of jeans that I LOVE, but I also got to try out two new brands that I have never actually worn before. I have to say that this wide leg denim style from the Jennifer Lopez collection are my new favorite piece! They are the comfiest pair of denim ever (perfect for dancing and teaching) and I love the style, plus they are high waisted:)
As for the second style, it is definitely more modern, but I love the cut, wash, and distressed fray hem! I have always loved Levi denim as a brand, but never actually owned a pair, so I am happy to say they live up to the hype!

However, when it comes to wearing denim I truly believe it is all about how you style it....sometimes it is all about creating an allusion that makes an ensemble perfect and something you love and feel confident in!
So keep reading for some of my denim styling tips:
  1. Play With Shapes: As someone who not only loves fashion but teaches design classes, I am often focused on paying attention to elements of design and pairing things that offset each other in a cohesive way. My best advise is to wear a different shape on the top compared to the bottom. For example, when wearing wide leg denim I either pair a fitted top with it or a top that has a wider collar or sleeves (like an inverted triangle). I like to create hourglass shapes or elongated triangles with wide leg jeans and long inverted triangles with skinny jeans. 
  2. Chunky Sweaters: I am a huge fan of chunky sweaters! When it comes to wearing them I don't mind pairing them with wide leg jeans, but this can sometimes drown you. Thus, my favorite way to style a chunky or over sized sweater is to pair it with skinny jeans. This balances the focus between the legs and the torso and doesn't accentuate so much of your upper body. (so often people pair fitted tops with skinny jeans which often seems unflattering because it is all the same shape). 
  3. Tuck The Waist: I have always liked the idea of tucking in the front hem of tops and sweaters into the waist of skirts and pants, but after following Rachel Martino I have grown to love it even more! This works well with chunky sweaters or loose tops because it recreates shape and a focal point. Often times we wear over sized tops with jeans and leave them be (which sometimes works), but this tends to overwhelm our shape, thus tucking in the front hem of a top or sweater into the front of jeans creates a focal point at your waist and gives you a flattering shape. 
  4. Dark Wash First: I have always liked skinny jeans, but haven't always felt comfortable wearing them. However, when I started wearing dark wash jeans I realized they seem less revealing than light wash, thus I started becoming more comfortable in them. If you are like me, I would suggest trying out dark wash skinny jeans before you wear light wash....it makes a world of difference. 
  5. Longer Hems When wearing skinny jeans (or really any jeans) you can sometimes be uncomfortable with how tight they are at the back. My trick for this is to style them with tops that have longer hems. This doesn't mean they have to be tunic tops, but tops with longer back hems or sweaters that are longer. Then tuck the front in! This gives a focal point for the front of your look and coverage in the back. 
  6. High Waist Is Your Best Friend: If you haven't tried High Waisted jeans you are missing out! They might have used to carry a stereotype of being "mom jeans" but they are so instyle now and are not only comfortable but flattering! High waisted jeans fit at your natural waist and actually give you shape, plus smoothing out any unflattering lines. 
  7. Style Up or Down: Don't let yourself get stuck in a box that jeans are only casual. Play around with styling them up or down. The best way to do this is changing your shoes to heels or a statement shoe, but you can also do this with accessories. 

Are you a denim Fan?

- Madison 

**This post is in collaboration with Influenster & Kohls, all opinions are my own**