Staying Cool & Cute in Summer Humidity

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Top: Made | Shorts: Thrifted DIY | Sandals: Marshalls | Purse: Thrifted 
Earrings: Five Below | Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters
Here in Texas we are in full swing of the 100 degree days....though with the humidity here it often feels ten degrees hotter than it really is. Thankfully I am not all to affected by heat as some people, sure I will feel hot and sweat, but I will never feel unbearable (thankfully). Nevertheless, with the sweltering heat that us Texans struggle with I have learned over the years what works and what doesn't work to wear outside and be the most comfortable and cool!
With that here is a list of my tips and tricks for staying cool and cute in the summer:

  1. Less Layers - I am one of those people who always wears and tank top under most shirts and a slip or shorts (or both) under many dresses and skirts. However, in the summer this isn't possible. I have started grabbing pieces from my closet that don't require me to wear a tanktop underneath or a slip under a skirt. The less layers laying against your body makes you so much cooler!
  2. Pay Attention To Your Fabrics - As a slight "textile nerd" (thanks to that textile class I took in college) I have always paid attention to my fabrics in the summer. Many synthetic fabrics that our clothes can be made of are not breathable and make us quite hot. Thus, choosing more natural fibers is your best bet. I often reach for cotton pieces or cotton blends because they are very breathable in the heat. I especially LOVE wearing Rayon (which is actually synthetic) in the summer because it absorbs more liquid than cotton and tends to stay cool in humid weather. I actually wore a cotton skirt and rayon top when we were in Alabama (in this post here) and was outside for 3 straight hours and felt perfectly comfortable.  
  3. Loose Fit - Loose fabrics and styles of clothes are so much cooler than fitted pieces! I have a ton of dresses that I love to wear in the summer but many of them have fitted bodices and often can be quite hot. However, when I wear loose dresses or tops, like the top above in this post (which is also cotton) I am always very comfortable and cool. 
  4. Sleeveless - I am not one to wear spaghetti strap tops, but I don't mind straps that are two inches or more and often make many of my summer dresses without sleeves. Sleeves are restrictive in the heat, thus removing them not only makes your feel more comfortable and mobile, but also lets your arms breath. 
  5. Light Colors - Don't wear black or dark colors! I like to wear neutral colors in the summer sometimes, but I have found that when I wear darker colors they absorb more heat and thus make me feel hot. I often times wear white shirts and blouses frequently in the summer because white reflects more light and keeps me cool. After all, summer in the perfect time to wear your bright and light colors so why not take advantage of it. 
  6. It's Okay To Wear Shorts - I am the person who would avoid shorts at most costs because I don't always think they fit my style very well, unlike skirts that encompass who I am. However, when I know that the day will be hot and I will be outside for a good amount of time I give in and pull out my shorts (that I always DIY from thrifted jeans). Now mind you, I don't pull out "short shorts"..... the length won't affect your coolness much so no need sacrificing modestly for comfort. 
  7. Hair Up - I hate wearing my hair I really hate it (I don't like how it looks). At home I wear my hair up only because I am always in "comfy clothes" but when I go out I always like to wear my hair down or half up. However, with my hair now growing out it can be quite hot wearing it down in the summer time. Thus, I sometimes give in and put my hair up in a pony tail, braids, or my new favorite bubble braid. Having your hair off your neck truly makes all the difference. 
  8. Open Toed Shoes - You know in the summer when you have to sleep with your feet peaking out of your comforter so that you can be cooler to sleep? The same idea/theory goes into play when going out in the heat, letting your feet breath in sandals or open toes shoes keeps you cool. When we cover our feet it warms our body (like putting on socks in the winter), thus keeping them open to the air is our bodies air conditioning in the summer (kind of).
Do you utilize any of these cool strategies in the summer?
What summer dressing strategies work to keep you cool?



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