Recent Faves Pt. 16

Thursday, June 7, 2018

I love sharing these "Faves" posts with you all and I know you all always enjoy reading them! I feel like there is always more to share and more that I come across that I love, but I often forget about it when the time comes to creating these posts.....I should probably get better at saving links as I find them:) Despite that however, this might be one of my favorite "Faves" in awhile because there is so much goodness and excitement to share with you all! I think these posts give you not only a glimpse at what I have been loving lately, but also give you a glimpse at who I am as a person too:) Pull up a chair, cozy up in your reading corner, as always grab your favorite hot drink and get reading! 

  • Lauren of Passing Whimsies (what used to be the blog Someone Like You) has been one of my favorite bloggers from the moment I discovered her. We have a lot of things in common from thrifting our wardrobes, being cat moms, and being very introverted. I have always been inspired by her and her courage to move to NY and absolutely LOVE her recent post on her blog (which she picked back up after 2 years) where she shares a video about Living With Anxiety in New York
  • What would be my Recent Faves post without something from Rebecca of A Clothes Horse:) I absolutely LOVE this post she wrote about 8 Ways To Improve Your Style because she focuses so much on being inspired by other people, books and characters which speak so much to me as I believe clothes have their own language and the power to transform and transport us! 
  • I am such a HUGE fan of NBC's World Of Dance and while there have been so many amazing groups and routines so far I can't get over the beauty of this piece by Charity and Andres to the song "Say You Won't Let Go"...... so moving! 
  • So if you didn't know, I get really into TV shows! I get emotionally invested in characters lives, especially specific characters that I want together, so after waiting for over 4 years and 5 seasons the season 8 finale of Blue Bloods was THE BEST EVER because my two favorite characters FINALLY decided to be more than partners on the job!!! 
  • I loved what Keiko Lynn wrote about this dress and how sometimes we avoid wearing something because it seems to important, but in reality we should just wear the dress! 
  • New FAVORITE purchase is this adorable polka dot jumpsuit from Saving Paige! I can just see myself wearing this to teach in or grab brunch with a friend:) It's so classic and simple, but still quirky and different which I love! 
  • Recent FAVORITE read is the "If I Run" Series by Terri Blackstock! I got hooked on the thrilling story and wanting to know how it ends. 
  • Absolutely love everything that Maddy Corbin posts, from her fabulous style, creative photos, photo editing/filters and everything in between:) 
  • Where has The Other Sparrow been all my life?!?! I can't get over these gorgeous dresses....i'm seriously swooning!! This is what my dress dreams are made of! 
  • Last but least, have you seen the new PBS Little Women? I know there were a lot of mixed reviews from people that I know after they watched the first episode, but I also know a lot of people who ended up loving it after they finished all three episodes:) I personally LOVED it so much (I've already watched it 2 times and cried at the end which I never do). I think all of the characters were perfectly cast, and while it might not have followed the book perfectly, I think they did a great job of giving every March Sister their own story line and character development and beautifully told the story we love so much (with such honesty)...not to mention the ending was one of my favorite Little Women endings ever! 
- Madison


  1. Beautiful flowers!! Thanks for sharing!
    Have a great week!
    Much love, Len

  2. Thanks for sharing that blogger, love her style too

  3. Wow, thank you so much for mentioning me in your recent favorites -- I'm so honored!

    You have SUCH a lovely blog -- I'm obsessed with your style! Can't wait to follow you. x