Fit For a Royal Wedding

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Dress: c/o StyleWe | Shoes: Target | Hat(Fascinator): Gift | Clutch: Thrifted | Earrings: Target

With the excitement and coverage surrounding the Royal Wedding I decided to get into the spirit of the occasion and put together a fun post inspired by "royal wedding" style. I remember when I watched William and Kate's wedding and I couldn't get over all of the pretty dresses and all the incredible fascinators.....since then I have definitely become more obsessed with the royal family (and Britain in general). I don't follow them quite as religiously as some people, but I am known by many to be a royal fan. 

I am not quite sure where my Royal obsession first started? Probably with all the BBC shows I watch, which naturally lead to my interest in the country and watching tons of period dramas, especially those about key members of the Royal family like Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth herself (The Young Victoria is one of my favorite movies and the TV shows Victoria and The Crown are definitely high on my list). I'm known to drink lots of tea, possess a decent British accent, follow royal family fan accounts on twitter and catch any major news that happens with them. Thus, the Royal Wedding is quite exciting for me, especially considering how historical it is on so many accounts! 

Some people could care less about the big day of the Royal Wedding (or the Royal Family in general) but I have always loved a good love story, especially one having to do with a Prince (I'm the total cliche) so this day was quite anticipated. It's not surprise then that some of my favorite Hallmark movies are the royal ones, that I have seen all the movies about William and Kate's love story (multiple time), and even managed to see the new Lifetime movie about Harry and Megan (call me obsessed). I guess I have checked all the boxes of being a Royal fan, well that is once I have woken up early to watch the wedding and pop a batch of scones in the oven while my tea is steeping. 

In the spirit of British fashion and Royal Wedding style I put together this look that is fit for the Royal Wedding itself. I received this lovely dress from StyleWe a few months ago and never found the right occasion to wear it until now, which worked out perfectly considering my friend in Canada sent me this lovely fascinator. The details on this dress are absolutely stunning and give off an almost 1940's vibe while still being very classic. Sometimes I tend to be a matchy, matchy person, and looking back on the wedding looks from the last Royal Wedding I know this combination would fit in with the guest list:) 

Are you planning to watch the Royal Wedding?
Are you a Royal Fan?



  1. What a fun outfit! The dress combines unique and classic elements. You definitely would have been wedding-ready this morning. :)

  2. That outfit is lovely. You would have been a standout at the wedding. I am a big fan of the entire royal family. I do follow them.

  3. The dress is absolutely stunning. I’m getting married next month and I’ll be heading out this evening to pick a gown for my wedding. I wish I could go with the British style, I really love it. But we’re having an American wedding and we’ve also booked one of the New York venues in advance.