Rodeo Houston

Monday, March 19, 2018

Skirt: Made (vintage fabric) | Shirt: Thrifted | Jacket: c/o Modcloth | Belt: Thrifted 
Earrings: Ruthie Grace | Purse: Thrifted (Vintage) | Boots: Cavender's 

Some might be surprised to know that I am a country girl at heart. While I love the bustle and sights of the city nothing beats the serene beauty and life of the country. However, that isn't all surprising considering that both of my parents come from small country towns and I spent many weekends growing up roaming our family farm
With country in my blood and the fact that I live in Texas rodeo season is a HUGE deal in our neck of the woods, especially in Houston. This is only my second year at the "actual rodeo" but I went to the AG shows every year growing up and always loved spending time around the livestock and eating rodeo food. Thus, when my sister and I decided we wanted to go to the Rodeo this year we grabbed two of our best friends (who happen to be sisters) and booked tickets to the Rodeo and Zach Brown Band concert. 
Rodeo style is definitely its own "type" and depending on the rodeo itself, styles change drastically. My friend from Canada was actually SHOCKED that we "dressed up so much" for the rodeo because where she comes from people just wear plaid shirts, jeans, and boots. Oddly enough, the more "casual" style of jeans, boots, and plaid really is common in Texas, but more so at outdoor rodeos, while the Houston Rodeo is quite the affair in Texas. The Houston Rodeo is one of the largest in the world and is held inside a professional football stadium that is converted into a rodeo arena for three weeks, so it's pretty modern compared to what one would most likely think of a rodeo being. 
Nevertheless, even though the Houston Rodeo isn't quite as "country" it still holds all the country charms that I am used to, rodeo events, delicious rodeo food (I tried fried Oreos for the first time...YUM), and visitors all decked out in their country boots. 
I was torn when deciding what to wear, knowing I could go super country, modern country, or stick to my roots and go a bit vintage country. I decided on a mix of it all and put together a look that was country while still being me. I opted to wear this vintage sheet skirt paired with a modern lace top and denim jacket. Of course, no rodeo look is complete without cowgirl/boy boots and I love this pair so much (I square danced in them for 5 years and scooted around my fair share of barn dances wearing them). All in all I love what my look came out to be, perfectly country while still "Madison"!

Have you ever gone to a Rodeo?
Are you a country person?


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  1. I love this outfit! Such a fun mix of pieces.

    xx Chelsea