Broadway Glam & A Night At Wicked

Monday, March 5, 2018

Dress: JC Penny | Shoes: Beall's (put brand) | Tights: Target (old)
Earrings: Target | Clutch: Vintage | Jacket: London Fog (thrifted) | Scarf: Old Navy (old) 

When you are in New York its only fitting that you go to a Broadway show, and if you go to a Broadway show its only fitting that you "dress to the nines". When I think of Broadway or any kind of theater production I always think of dressing up, to me going to a production is a special event and I want to make the most of it (which is usually treating as an excuse to dress up). I guess the ideas of "Broadway," especially in New York always made me think of people donning their finest cocktail dresses or LBD's and enjoying a night out, so that was definitely the inspiration for my best friend and I when attending Wicked. 

You can imagine our surprise then, when we showed up at theater and realized that we were the only ones (for the most part) who were truly "dressed up." Maybe it was due to the 15 degree FREEZING cold weather that most people opted for warm winter clothes, but I thought everyone would be dressed up. Nevertheless, that didn't diminish our enthusiasm for taking 2 hours to do our hair and makeup, put on false lashes, swipe on sparkly eye shadow and slip into our fabulous LBD's (little black dresses). 

Seeing Wicked was AMAZING! Definitely a highlight of my trip:) Plus, I think we can all agree that seeing Wicked in NEW YORK (or any Broadway) is ten times MORE AMAZING! The show, the costumes, the music, the atmosphere......AMAZING! I had bought the soundtrack before seeing Wicked so it was so much fun humming and singing along to all the music. If you haven't seen wicked I would definitely recommend it, the story is so incredible and inspiring and the ending is so not what you expect at all, plus the musical actually explains the back story to three of the other important character from The Wizard of Oz (The lion, Tin man, & Scarecrow), and gives you the back story to the "Wicked Witch Of The West". 

Since I wanted to go with a dressed up evening look, I settled on this LBD with was my graduation and Christmas dress and I knew that it would make the perfect dress for seeing Wicked in NY. I love that the dress has a 60's silhouette feel with touches of ladylike lace, ruffles, and velvet's perfection and so comfortable. Since the dress was black and we were going to see Wicked (and since I like to dress for the occasion/theme) I decided to wear shimmery silver tights with these black strappy suede heels.....I ended up looking a bit "witchy" inspired but we were going to see Wicked so I was all for it:) The only jewelry I wore was a pair of silver sparkly drop ball earrings which really were the perfect accessory since the dress already had so many ruffles and bows. For leaving our Air bnb and walking to the theater I wore my wine red London Fog jacket and my green plaid scarf (also seen here), which was kind of funny because my best friend wore the same thing but opposite, a green jacket and red plaid scarf.....we looked and felt quite sophisticated. 

Our evening at Wicked was definitely a highlight and made our New York trip so much fun! 

Have you ever seen a Broadway show in New York?
Have you seen Wicked?



  1. I love this outfit! It's such a shame that more people weren't dressed up. I love dressing up for even dumb things like going to the grocery store! haha

    Hannah | The Outfit Repeater

  2. Looks like you had an awesome time! Love the dress btw xx


  3. Your dress is so cute, I love the lace

  4. You have a vintage sense of style and I like this so much! When you are in New York its only fitting that you go to a Broadway show, and if you go to a Broadway show its only fitting that you "dress to the nines". I think you can try this out and help other people to be stylish and look amazing.